2018 SFC - Munster Championship


I love the way Kerry talk up the Munster championship. Their B team would hammer Cork. Munster is as bad as Leinster championship.


Take the best team out of each and I will disagree. I really think Clare would beat most other Leinster teams (other than Dublin) right now, if not all.


I could see Clifford and James O’Donoghue having a field day against the Cork backs though.


From a quality of remaining teams, I disagree.
From the point of view of it’s onesided-ness, you are understating how bad it is.

In the last 83 years, only ONCE has Kerry or Cork not won the MFC.
So 117 of a possible 130 titles racked up between them.

It’s been fubar for not far off a century.


Kerry 0-16 Clare 0-04 @ HT

Presume we’ll hear all about how uncompetitive Munster is from the same people who complain about Leinster :roll_eyes:


Where is the Munster final held this year?


Think its PUC


I presume there will be other 10,000 Kerry fans that make the trip? :roll_eyes:


Quirke on OTB earlier, might as well give Kerry Sam now as no one will cope with Geaney,Clifford and JOD. A rookie(albeit a serious rookie) and a fella who would pick up an injury eating corn flakes .


0-32 to 0-10 @ FT



Now it’ll be how good kerry are and nothing to do with the standard of opposition…



Ah but sure de Dubs are at an advantage with all the sponsorship they get…


I thought Dublin were the only sponsored team though (sarcastic look and chuckle)


Spillane said Munster was the most competitive province a couple weeks ago :roll_eyes: They will dish out a hammering to Cork in final too. Kerry going for 7th Munster in 9 years. The rest of the Munster counties priority is hurling so Kerry will probably win 10/15 in a row.


What the ■■■■ is he on. Most competitive province ? Only twice in the last 80 odd years has a team other than Cork or Kerry won it


To be fair Tipperary, Cork, and Clare are all Division 2 teams. But both Tipp and Clare were very dissapointing in their semi-finals.


Clare priority seems to be stay in D2 and get a run in the qualifiers as capable betting anyone on their day. I know a couple lads who played with them over the years. I was expecting Tipp to push on this year in league but wasn’t surprised they lost to Cork. They have the talent but mindset seems to be their issue.


Very disappointed with Clare given that they just missed out on promotion.


It’ll be all ‘Kerry are back’ now. Wouldn’t write off Cork yet though.