2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


i enjoy reading the foreign media, and this morning hogan stand and the kildare forum (is there a meath one?) have split on why kildare and meath failed yesterday.

some say its because kildare have revolted against their manager (for reasons unsaid) and that is also why some players dropped out. some say meath are picking from the same clubs all the time irrespective of form. some say no, its because of the dubs. all the kids in meath are dubs and will never play for their club and county. same in kildare and sure whats the point as you will lose to the dubs. if that was the logic carlow and longford would have been scoring own points galore at the end of the matches…

now of those reasons, lets guess which ones will still be given in a few months time and which will be forgotten…(the number of kids wearing dubs jerseys in a primary school jersey day was my favourite reason)


There appears to be apathy in Meath towards inter county. The glory era has long passed now and no appetite for the work needed to get them moving in the right direction. Kildare have the same issues as ever - windyness being their county character.


Called all the players losers and pathetic on Kildares forum. It was me who commented earlier that even the anti dub following he has amassed seems to have him twigged.


Kildare always believe they are better than they are. Lots of talented players but don’t produce when it counts. Micko managed to get them to perform and he didn’t use video analysis and stats, etc. might be time for them to get back to basics of skill, fitness , courage and pride in the jersey and leave the Hi-tech stuff to one side.listening to the manager bemoaning the fact that they only converted 32% of their scoring chance makes me think he was watching a spreadsheet for 70 mins , not a football game.


Paul Galvin surely has to be the next kildare manager.


Tomás OSé has a piece basically shafting CON, full of damnation by faint praise. Have to say much as I loved him as a player he’s turning into a hoor as an analyst. He talked about what Micko and Geeser did for Kildare but never mentioned what it cost them.


He’s an awful analyst. Even a few weeks ago when Diarmuid O’Connor elbow smashed the Galway player in the face, O’Se described it on the Sunday Game as ‘Silly’… He wasn’t brave enough to call it like it was as ‘Disgusting and cowardly’ …


Brave enough?

You’d want very deep pockets to say something like that on TV.



Somebody elbow smashes somebody in the face and you reckon you could be sued for saying it was disgusting or cowardly… :grinning:


Don’t forget Micko had a chequebook too :wink: Signed his son Karl and Brian Lacey from Tipperary in 98. They had Brian Murphy from Cork as well.


O Neill is from a sports science background- works in ucc in that area. He may overegg that side of that so you could be right. Kildare just don t produce forwards who can score consistently though - Johnny Doyle is the only one who they could rely on in the past 30 years .


He did indeed have a training fund😜and imported a few but so have subsequent managers ( eg the hurler from Cavan was brought in (eventually) and yesterday’s team contained Jack O’Connors son). But he did have the knack of getting teams to perform.


Mayo don’t produce forwards either and they’re doing OK

I see our friend in Kildare blaming being humiliated by Dublin as playing a part in the demise of Kildare. He just doesn’t take a day off


Yes, I do. RTE would be foolish in the extreme to allow anyone say something like that on air.


Em, no you wouldn’t Alan. You have clearly never watched Dunphy and co go at it in their analysis.

If an analyst can’t give his own opinion or call something as they see it then why bother having them on. What I’ve described happens regularly on every sports programme, my gripe in particular is with Tomas O’Se as he wouldn’t call something as he saw it.

Tripping over your laces is ‘Silly’ … Elbow smashing someone in the face and being sent off for it is exactly as I said it was ‘disgusting and cowardly’ … feel free to send this on to Diarmuid O’Connor’s legal representatives. :roll_eyes:


Well sure go on TV under your own name and see what happens.

And I don’t watch Dunphy and co.


Best to ignore my posts in future Alan.



Jesus. Touchy much?

But fair enough. There’s already a few on here I don’t bother with. You might as well join the list.


I enjoy reasoned debate. Your responses to the points I made are incorrect and complete nonsense. You throw out statements without a shred of anything to back it up. I don’t have time to try and have a rational discussion with someone like that.

Not touchy at all just couldn’t be arsed, add me to your list.


in my professional opinion, yes you could be sued (which after all only requires you to issue proceedings and not actually prove your case), but it is a very easily defended case so it would be highly unlikely that you would be sued.