2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


That could be done easily enough for games after the first round, when you pay for your season ticket you also pay for your entry to the first championship game of the year. They would need to tear up the current season tickets and start again for what you suggest to work.


Yes, which is why they selected portlaose, tullamore and Kilkenny as grounds for our matches. I don’t believe we have ever played Wicklow in Wicklow in championship and it has never been an issue before.

The days of navan or Carlow for a Dublin match have gone due to health and safety.


Carlow ? We played there last year


we played them but not in carlow


Could have sworn that game was in Dr Cullen


Twas Portlaoise


2002 v Wexico was the last time we played there in championship IIRC


a fine long hot summers day… ireland had played in the World Cup that morning and there was an athmosphere


Thats one way of putting it alright. A record for the amount of streakers could be another :joy:


and the bonfire


And the row in the Dinn Ri/Dolmen before…cant remember which, but jaysus it was viscious!


There was an awful row between dubs on the terrace too. Remember an awful lot of pissed supporters. Wasn’t a nice atmosphere. Iirc didn’t someone spit on Lyons from the terrace as he was entering the tunnel after the game?


Wasn’t that after the loss to Westmeath back in 2004?


Didnt see the one in the terrace, but the one before was the worst I’ve ever seen. Dubs against the natives, bottles, chairs you name it! Yeh sure most of the place was steaming from that morning


It was , a clown in the stand Gobbing down on him. A clear picture of it was in the herald. Lyons certainly did not deserve that.


H-T Kildare 1-03 Carlow 1-08


That would be some result if they could hold-out. Spewin’ Ewan would be devastated!


I actually hope the flour bags pull through. At least they try and play football


5 points up Carlow. I would love it if they beat them. Love it. In my best Kevin Keegan accent


7 up in injury-time: congratulations to Carlow!

O’Neill will be shown the door from kildare at the end of the year - there’s no surviving this result.