2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


They are far from shite dude! Anything but. On another day they could be in two all Ireland wins over us…


You obviously didn’t watch the All Ireland final.


Jim flag doing a false flag :crazy_face:


Watched it over and over, yeah their still shite or maybe im colour blind, and it was them that just won 3 in a row, as for respect, that’s a laugh have a look on the mayo site and you"ll learn all about respect, and clueless about football, was looking at Rochford going through the programme to find out who his subs were. oh clueless alright


A group of players who reached 4 all Ireland finals in 6 years have to possess some qualities even you have to admit that. Keegan and Higgins are superb footballers . The rest obviously have a bit of spirit to achieve what they have. Sure they have some overrated players such as big aido and skill wise they are generally limited. They ve rode their luck in qualifiers and are over physical especially v Dublin but still to get to 4/6 and lose to us by 1 on 3/4 you have to give credit where it’s due.


Of course they have a few decent players, keegan yeah but that lad will be under serious pressure between his injury and with tp gone now, he’ll be a massive loss, the brothers o shea barely have 70+ minutes between them never mind on their own, the o conor brothers are a liability ( filthy dirty sly players) , Andrew hasent got the legs now to go the distance, might be lucky to get a couple of scores but he’s not in the same league as Andrews, Kev Mc, Mannion, Brogan etc. Clarke wouldn’t lace Cluxtons boots , keeper of the year was a farce, vaughan and Higgins good players, but it dosent say a lot for the rest when you consider Higgins hasent really kicked a ball since September, they have been lucky to stay up the last 2 seasons and as for the point that kept them up, the 39 steps, they only got as far as they did against us because both Kerry and tyrone are going through a transition / slump but that’s just my opinion


Its a very myopic opinion. They deserve a huge amount of praise for what the have achieved, regardless if they have the silverware to prove it. Any team that can pick themselves up and run us as close as they have deserve the recognition. I detest the Mayo love in the media give them but I certainly respect them. On any other Sunday they could have easily pipped us for all the talk of a lack of marquee forwards etc. What we have won’t last forever and part of basking in that glory is to show some humility and respect to the team that has has ran us the closest.


Great post, @JJF.
Mayo, in my opinion, deserve huge respect for being the 2nd best team in the country over the last 6-7 years, 2nd only to what many on here will readily agree to be one of the best bunch of lads ever to play the game. Mayo have shot themselves in the foot on a few occasions but I think it’s clearly obvious that this bunch of Mayo players would have won one or two All-Irelands in most other eras. I think it speaks volumes for Dublin that we have had the character and resolve to overcome this Mayo team in numerous tight games since 2013.


Agree. The harder they fought they harder we fought back. I’d say the lads knew they where in the fight of their lives. The only issue I have ever had in all of this rivalry was David Clarke getting the all star over Cluxton. We will look back on this in years and go wow that was some going.


I think like Dublin this Mayo team have been praised and criticized in equal measure. The upside for Ye dubs is Ye keep winning all Ireland’s so the critics can harp on all they want.

It’s a bit like when we were hammering Galway for a few years I member not gloating to my Galway mates as I knew the swing would eventually turn the other way and they always come back with well “we have more All Ireland’s then Ye” / case in point the signs erected by Galway fans near Breaffy sat night.

So for all the media love in with mayo there is that kick whenever we slip up. It’s not an anomaly in sport though. The team that keeps coming up short holds a facination…the Chicago Cubs until they won the World Series were known as “the lovable losers” and the red Sox’s before them had a similar love in.


Fair points. But I do think Mayo get the better part of the deal of the media with the exception of Brolly. He has a horn for Dublin at the minute the same way he for McGuinesses Donegal but that will soon pass. But yer right its easier to accept when you are winning. Though through the 00’s we where the class slut for the Media.


Maybe you should be hoping we win an All Ireland so (not at Dublin’s expense) :wink: - the love in would soon disappear like it did for Donegal, Tyrone and Armagh.

I’ve always got a reaction when people from other counties ask where I am from the talk always turns to Mayo and the cause for sam. “We would love to see Ye win it” but behind alot of that there is a mockery too.

Pity is the worst form of flattery in my books.


ah poor @mayoman


Ahh bless. Sure aren’t ye trying hard


You do realize that your slight against mayo that they only got as far as they did due to “slump/transition” of likes of Tyrone and Kerry, obviously then implies that Dublin’s current success must also be judged in that same light.


You can forgot Sean Cavanagh :wink:


Jayus he was like a Cheshire cat on TSG :rofl:


5’9 sounds about right having me having met him in the flesh. No doubting his strength, but lifting weights won’t make him taller. He would make a short midfielder


Very short.


And he is at it again today. He really is sour over our last championship meeting