2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Before this unbelievable run we are on ,it was 1 all Ireland win every 10 years. To think we went 16 years fron1995 to 2011 without even reaching a final is incredible.


Carlsberg don’t do decades, but if they did, every one of them would be 2011-2020.


5 in a row would probably make it the best decade ever … when it ends in 2019


Easy to say that but also easy for the game to decline in any place for a long, long time. It was on the verge of that here in the 90s if we hadn’t squeezed out with the 95 win, which had elements of fortune involved.


6 in a row, my friend. 2020. I can see it clearly now.


and in fact it was that serious decline, which went on towards the turn of the century and into this one, which suddenly alerted the GAA into action. While its true that the Costello/Kettle team started to get things more organised, the GAA nationally copped onto the fact that it was a joke for a national organisation to be so poorly developed and represented in its most populated area.


surely that colm meany video will have to be retitled?

Decade of the Dubs…Vol 1 the 70’s…


Without the decade of the dubs 1970’s there would have been little or no gaa in the county in the proceeding decades.

This will be out greatest decade apart from the wins, made semi finals in 2010, 2012 and 2014. We never made even a semi final from after 95 to 2010. If anyone suggested we would win an ireland in 2009 you would have thought they were mad.

They all said we’re doomed for 2018


thought we made two semis in the 00-09 period?


Mayo & Kerry , '06, '07
Armagh in '02


3 semis 02,06,07.


As everyone knows, a semi isn’t worth a f**k …


That’s not Colm Meanys video. How about
2011- The Force Awakens ?
2011- The Empire Strikes Back?


07 almost got me divorced, came up from holidays for the day for it. it was all picture and no sound when i got back.


Keegan is a fine attacking player, even when marking the likes of DC, lest we forget his goals. However, he’s a bit of a short arse for midfield. I always thought it would be worth a go putting DC or Ck in around the square and see how Lee’s fielding is (especially in front of the officials). His defending is an enigma to me. I never see him do a block down or get out in front to win the ball ala Johnny Cooper or do much tackling.


He played midfield for his club in the intermediate final last year and was destroyed by Graham Reilly


To put it another way, mayo are overated, shite really when ye think about it. they should never have got as far as they did last year. they should have been gone by the quater final stage and really rode their luck. when they got to the final they still couldn’t get over the line. 1 or 20 pts , it dosent matter we won the All-Ireland. Look what we’ve achieved since they last won a piece of silverware., so enough of the excuses and poor mayo this is what they should do. I do hope tom parsons makes a full recovery and gets back playing


He is not that small, the programme indicates that he is 5/9, he is close to 6ft, Keith Higgins is 5/11 Keegan much bigger guy than him, he is supposed to be able to bench ridiculous weights, very powerful guy according to a former Mayo player.


Your clueless about football if you think the Mayo team is shite. Doesent say a lot for most other team the last 7 years and indeed the greatest team of all time have struggled against that so called shite team.

The “poor old mayo” guff we don’t want but show some respect please.