2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Moran never gets game time. Can’t see him being parachuted in at this stage. They’ll most likely rob Peter to pay Paul and put either Keegan or Aido in midfield. Can’t see either option ending well for them.


This could become serious issue down the line when Super 8s are played in grounds.


Whose to say he might face us again down the line :wink:. And i already posted previously that Philly had him in his pocket . But ya know what , maybe one of these days abit if luck goes his way & he surprises us all .


Well they may have no choice now if they want the lads you mentioned to play in their preferred spots . I’d gladly sacrifice Moran to keep the other two where they are .


I’d actually say one of Aidos best attributes is his kick passing and ball possession and rarely gets turned over.

I think he gets too much unwarranted stick and isn’t as sly as the O’Connors.

We’re going through a golden time at the moment and wasn’t too long ago we were in the exact same shoes as Mayo and unable to get over the line and celebrating Leinster like they were All Ireland’s.


I see that point brought up here a lot but you can’t really compare yer mini famine to our ongoing torture. In the 00’s ye we’re loosing quarter and semi finals. Not getting to multiple finals and losing replays.

It’s much more gut wrenching loosing a final in my opinion.

Dublin will always pick up an All Ireland eventually. So say in the lifetime of your average dub you will likely see your county win at least one All Ireland and likely multiple ones.


If you had of said that to me after the '09 massacre id have laughed at ya . I never thought I’d see us winning one .


We lost two finals and a semi final in the 90’s before getting over the line in 95 but it was a mini famine compared to Mayo.

Also during the 00’s we couldn’t even get to a final.


I actually like Aido - he seems a decent enough lad. But I can’t understand how he is still nailed on every game because like it or not he has been mostly ineffective for the last 3 seasons. HIs confidence probably isn’t high as he has been tried everywhere - incl FB - but that said he appears undroppable - as it appears is his brother and a couple of others. I always think of Whelo when I think of Aido. The stick he got for not lasting 70 mins yet he is three times the player Aido is or was yet got more stick than praise whereas the opposite is the case with Aido.


And the Meath 4 game saga-worse than any all Ireland. I go as far to say that loss =mayo s 67 year famine in terms of disappointment.:joy:


We haven’t lived your pain, but we understand it better than most. As opposed to the Kerry lads who mournfully talk about their current “mini famine”.

I hope it turns out that it lasts long enough to make the 100 years war look like a brief skirmish.


Just to continue with the Mayo infatuation, they could probably try Coen there once Keegan is back? Didnt Coen play MF when they won the 21s. A run of games in the qualifiers would bring him on a lot.

Barry Moran is an interesting one. Looks an outstanding club player, maybe doesnt have the pace for IC?

A couple of lads have mentioned Varley. Id agree he looks a better option than most of the lads they’ve tried in there.


It did but Magee had sustained a fractured rib minutes before when he collided with his keeper. I always wondered was it legendary ‘wrecking ball’ you all keep referring to or Magees rib was wrecked.
Regardless it was one of Aidos finer moments.


I think you should look at the post my comment was made in response to, then look at my post again, and then if you still have the same question I’ll break it down.



True but getting a result with 14 in a tight game is always very doable. Allowing that goal, at that stage of the game, in a very low-scoring game(credit to the forward, not everyone can finish like that) was the defining thing.


I think most really good fullback lines, and Donegal’s had ceased to be that by then it seems, don’t allow a player like Aidan to have that impact other than in isolated efforts (though even that can be enough in some games), so it’s the overall impact he can have in a game. They clearly moved him out the field for that reason, as he is a very good link player, and they seem to get more in an attacking sense from him in that role. Him as out and out attacker seems to end up with much less benefit to the team against the best opposition.


Nah you’re alright …


Wonder with Parsons out if they put Lee Keegan in midfield would they somehow by default find a solution to lot of there problems … for me Keegan is some player and as Long as he is marking a CK or dermo his attacking influence is countered ( although still 2 Super goals in finals against us )

Mayo have to do something different and this may just force that but personally I do not want Keegan as a MF or attacker as I then occupy one of ours


We would of won if we had scored more than the other team. I hate that argument. you didnt score more than them and you lost regardless if you were down to 10 men. If Mayo had 15 men galway wold have had more space in the forwards and bringing on the likes id Ian Burke, Sean kelly and Eamon Brannigan would of exploited that. thats another way of looking at it so i dont buy if it was 15 v 15 we would have won rubbish


I thought so too.

By the way, I also think Aido loses interest and falls asleep when he’s up front.