2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


He has scored quite a few, but unfortunately most were against weak opposition in the Connaught championship, he has struggled big time in the big games.
In fairness I don’t think it is all his own fault, just that Mayo seem to expect too much from, they seem to think they play him anywhere, but at the same time don’t really know where to put him, but also I think he himself at times thinks he can do more than he is capable of and tends to run himself into the ground popping up all over the shop only to be f…ked after 45 minutes or so.


You’re asking y isn’t he 2 footed & in your 1st point u say he can’t kick snow off a rope. U answer point 2 wit point 1. Nowadays most kids learn at a young age wit both feet & hands for handpassing if they have any sort of ability. Aido is an enigma to all.


Agree on the use of Hawkeye.


Valid point. Imagine the Premier league introducing goal line technology at Old Trafford and Anfield but leaving out all the other grounds…there would be uproar.

I often wonder if any all Ireland’s in the the past were won and lost on a point that actually wasant.


Cork bet the Dublin ladies by a point when Dublin had a clear point ruled as wide in an All Ireland final.


And hawk eye was there … but the ladies wouldn’t pay for it …


He actually does kick-pass very well as far as I’ve seen and links up play brilliantly. Funnily enough for me one of his weaknesses now was not present before, he doesn’t use his size and strength to cause damage any more, and that’s not just a “backs have found him out thing”, he has changed his role and the way he plays, he just doesn’t take on players hardly at all anymore, not in any sort of major game anyway. He turns back and recycles nearly all the time. That to me is understandable within Mayo’s system but it has taken away one of his advantages.
Maybe that’s part of the fitness thing? I do think it’s an exaggeration to say he’s out on his feet after 50 mins.


That can only really be said if it was the last score in the game.


I think it’s simple. They don’t really use long ball anymore they use a possession game. In the past a few balls went in, he gets crowded out of it, and it lifts the opposition whilst knocking his own team down.


Yis lost because yis conceded that goal near the end.


I think you can attribute that to him trying to play a more bastketball-y game. He was always a pretty good wrecking ball when he got moving, it’s a dimension that I would agree he should have kept.

I’d say no more so than us watching O’Gara, the Mayo lads must wince when they see him winding up to take a shot.

As for staying power, he lasts the 70 minutes in some games, but not in the higher octane ones. Whatever about recovery, more often than not when playing us, he’s hands on hips at 30 minutes, and again at 55.

Seamie the brother is -10 minutes on both counts. The idea of the two of them pitted against any good midfield paring must keep most Mayo supporters in the horrors.


It worked pretty well for him here !
Don’t know why they cant try this again with him


Horkan won’t be back. He saw the writing on the wall in 2013 and got out himself before the players tried to blame him as they did subsequently with Harte and Connelly.
As for the two O’Sheas at mid field it was Dublin who ran them raggled in 2013 (5 years ago) when Stephen Cluxton’s kick outs had them on their knees after 45 minutes from chasing our midfielders from sideline to sideline.


So you believe that our ladies losing an All Ireland final because a perfectly legitimate point wasn’t given during the game doesn’t count as a travesty because it wasn’t the last score?!?!?! :flushed:


I’m not blaming the point that was given.

Our reduced attacking capacity and greater energy taken up defending because of having 14 men has a large degree of connection with DOCs red card, which was totally of his own doing. I think he will be lucky not to get an extended ban, if he gets one, we can’t complain. The goal of course won the game, but had we been 4 up due to scoring more with 15 v 15 with the wind or if the extra man had made the backs tighter in that attack it could be surely considered significant to the result.


Having both him and Andy in there causing havoc might have been an option before Parsons got injured.

We might have to call Gibbons back into the panel.


Your criticism of AOS would equally apply to MDMA. Never been much of a footballer/kicker/scorer/etc really but very effective in a team like Dublin at carrying the ball.


They did try it. In about 4 different games against us. Both semi finals that year, the league game in castlebar and the final the next year. Philly destroyed him each time and Fitz picked him up in the league game after Philly was black carded early and Fitz cleaned him out too. They abandoned it then. Think he has 2 points against Dublin in the last 5 or 6 meetings and he played as a forward in nearly all of them.


Kerry 11. Kerry 13. Mayo 13. Aido has never got anywhere near the levels MDMA did in them games. Massive games too. MDMA did more in his cameo in the All Ireland final of 16 than Aido has done in all his big games in Croker combined. Just doesn’t show up when the heat is on


Its certainly an option at this stage . What about Moran in for Parsons ?