2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Stop I’ve enough pressure managing my club u16 team :sweat_smile:


I fancy McStay is going to spring a tactical surprise somehow. Another defensive stalemate wouldn’t surprise me.


I do wish him a full and speedy recovery and hope that it doesn’t effect him in normal life in the future. Injuries like that could harm him for life, never mind getting back onto the pitch again.

You’d imagine there would have to be a full reconstruction of the knee, that his ACL and MCL are ruptured and that there is some cartilage damage, his patella tendon and maybe even (unlikely) a fracture or 2. It will be a seriously long recovery for him and his age, while not excessive, will be a hinderance. It’s awful seeing that sort of thing happen lads when they are at their peak or in decline as it usually means we’ve seen the best of them finish with the injury.

It’s a shame really, as I like Parsons as a footballer and seemed to be a decent skin off the pitch too. Could be a useful motivational tool now for Mayo.


Ahhh …


67 years is enough of a motivational tool…and it will be longer the way things look now.


The darkest hour is just before the dawn… Don’t know who Dawn is.


Unlike Aido, who is a blunt tool.


He’s alot of things, but a useless tool is not one of them.


i do, she’s a wagon.


tools are all useless unless used correctly. but that mayo team need more fro AOS. I don’t know if he can give more.


Who Dawn?

Get up outta tha’…


Surely Varley off Vins is an option.There has to be better forwards from the county.


He is a popular punching bag when Mayo lose and that can’t be easy on him, but I would genuinely like to know:

  • He can’t kick snow off a rope. What’s up with that? Some of his attempts at point kicking are downright laughable.

  • Why isn’t he two footed? He’s been around long enough to have developed the skill. He may not have always been a forward, but he is one now. (Allegeldy) Shouldn’t he be at least starting to develop the requisite skills by now?

  • Why is he always so knackered after 50 minutes & what is the story with his fitness? Ok, so he’s a big lad. He’s not built for speed and never will be. But Donaghy (in his prime) and Michael Murphy are seriously big units too and they are rarely gasping for breath with a 1/3 of the game to go. Why is that never addressed?

Seems that after Bee Flynns stupid and mean spirited attack on him last year, the wagons have been circled around him 24/7. No discussion of how he plays is even allowed now, lest you be accused of unfairly targeting him. Oh well…like I really care in the long run, but it is a massive conundrum for Mayo.


What you’ve described there is an elite forward .
Aido certainly doesn’t fall into that category.You can’t just become two footed over night . He’s probably never been comfortable with it & knows his limitations.
The fitness question is an issue , that’s definitely something that could be fixed . But again , he’s a big unit so that frame of his might not be as accommodating no matter how many bleep tests he does .


He can’t kick full stop. I’m not just talking about pt taking. If he’s been a midfielder for most of his career, shouldn’t he be able to kick a decent foot pass into his full forward line, every now and then. When was the last time you saw him do that? If he can’t tuck the ball under his arm and barrel his way like a bull thru a phalanx of oppostion players, it seems like he doesn’t want to know.That paln of attack can be shut down relativley easily with sheer numbers, when it doesn’t work, it’s like he doesn’t want to know.


That’s never stopped mdma :wink:


Mayo had the wind in the second half. It was a strong one too. It was even stronger in the first half and with us sticking toe to toe and score to score with them I thought we would win in in the second half, then the red card and I thought FFS not again. DO’Cs stupidity cost us big time. The Mayo lads on the pitch in the second half were clearly going for it, but they always seemed that one link player up front short in the attacks.

Also annoyed that Hawkeye is in some intercounty grounds but not others, it means games are played by different rules. There was a clear wide awarded as a point to Galway, in a game that was a game of inches until the 74’th minute, that is huge.


Yeah, but MDMA gets results with his human Sherman tank approach. Goals - God knows how or why - often result from his manic bursts forward. Aido can’t really say that.


Roscommon have the forwards and other scoring players to punish Galway in the way Mayo don’t, the only thing is Roscommon are the most defensively naive of the big 3 in Connacht.


Aido has scored plenty of goals himself over the years .Thing is , people have copped onto him .
Double up on him when he gets near the goal .
Philly has had him in his pocket for a while now .
When the barging fails , there’s not much left for him but he sold Cian a lovely dummy last year I think it was . Hes a wrecking ball .I don’t know they don’t use him like O’Gara . Feed the beast & let him off . Throw him into the FF line so he doesn’t have to make these bursting runs from midfield.