2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Injured last I heard.


"His younger brother, Diarmuid, who was also sent off against Galway in the league clash in February, will rue yesterday’s incident with Conroy for a long time as it may well have cost Mayo the chance to stay on the provincial route to the ‘Super 8s’.

He could have no excuses, nor will there be any sympathy for him. Good discipline is crucial for success and, on this occasion, O’Connor didn’t pass the test.

Just as Donal Vaughan’s rash intervention, which led to his dismissal against Dublin in last year’s All-Ireland final, may have cost Mayo victory, O’Connor’s exit added to a workload that his colleagues just couldn’t carry."

“Granted, yesterday’s challenge was made all the more difficult by the absence of Lee Keegan, whose running game would have posed a different type of test for Galway. That was unavoidable - not so with Diarmuid O’Connor’s indiscipline really will have infuriated Stephen Rochford. It was the second time in 11 months that a rash act against Galway cost Mayo, who had Keith Higgins sent off for striking Comer in last year’s Connacht semi-final.”


Uh huh…so Breheny isn’t?

Why, I oughta…



Still wouldn’t bet against them not to make the Super 8’s or indeed the final.


Just rewatching the Sunday game , didnt notice it at the time but Colm Boyle berated Lane for the sending off of Doc .
■■■■ me :unamused:


3/4 mayo players surrounding Lane on that DOC/Conroy incident. You had Doherty and McLoughlin holding Galway backs and went down holding their faces when Gal lads tried to break free.


All fair points. For me this argument boils down to context. And let’s be clear, the argument is ability, or how good are they?

The context takes us back to 2011, plus some elements of previous history. From 11 til 15 they won 5 C. Titles in a row, and increasingly in style. They reached 2 All-I finals, losing the second by a point, and 3 semifinals, losing two after a replay to the eventual champions.

Clearly they were in the top 3 teams in the country, and were only losing narrowly to the other top teams. Many said they were at least as good as the Kerry team that won in 14(context of the replayed semifinal). After they lost by 7 points to Dublin in the 15 replay, they looked to be a team that was running out of steam, and were up against a great Dublin team that didn’t look like going away.

What happened next is somewhat clouded by the controversial change of management. After Rochford came in to my mind what we have seen in terms of their performancesis that a decision was made that they would do whatever gave them the optimal chance to perform to their best in the latter part of summer. Or arguably it somewhat just panned out that way!

In other words, all the hype and energy that went with glorious Connaught campaigns or any notions of winning the national league was going to be let lie, and they would take a calculated gamble of being able to reach the Qtr and Semifinals anyway, which let’s be fair was always fairly odds on, and with the added benefits of building confidence and momentum and the experience of winning proper battles on the way to the bigger games etc if they lost in the province and were coming through qualifier campaigns. It afforded that opportunity and was historically known to have done so for several teams previously. Some of these campaigns inevitably involved elements of luck but calculated to a large extent I would argue.

This approach was something many in Dublin often discussed during the 00s. And as many or all of us agree it was also somewhat dictated by their lack of strength in depth, which went against their chances of maintaining long campaigns of intense training and conditioning from nat league til September.

This has subsequently translated into the fact that their best performances in All-I finals (and possibly semifinals last year) have occurred in the two years following them clearly scaling back on their standard of performance in the provincial championship.

Lets be clear at this point, it’s pretty much the same team. The same team that hammered a good few opposition from 2012-15, that were going close in the All-I but not really looking like they could win it.
So in one sense they agree with you, they aren’t as good as alot of people made out at times over the years, but on the other hand they are consistently in one way or another still quite clearly a very very good team that are within a very small distance of winning an All-i against what we all agree is the best Dublin team to ever play.


He lost the plot and roared abuse at him.


Do matches in Leinster still count these days? :thinking:


This bugs the shit out of me, I’ve seen lads get the line in club games for abusing the Ref, and even their own team mates. Why is Intercounty different?
I mentioned this before in another thread, Brendan Murphy hurled abuse at the same linesman from DC incident last year, I was watching it at home with the young lad and had to mute the sound as you could hear everything he said.
It’s the exact same rule that DC got done for. Why aren’t Refs dealing with it and I’ve never heard it highlighted on TSG.


How is he not getting more game time? I remem him in 08 on same minor team as Aidan O’Shea. He played wing back? Has he suffered with injuries as never played under Horan or Holmes/Connelly? Where is Adam Gallagher? He another decent forward and played a bit of Sigerson with NUIG too. Was strange to see James Durcan and Cian Hanley making their debuts Sunday having not played any league football.


Neil Douglas is another who doesn’t seem to have got a fair crack. Doherty has been given years, Loftus plenty of time too and neither have made a lasting impression yet Douglas didn’t get anything like the same chances despite being a heavy scorer in the Mayo c’ship for years.


Why is this talk all about Mayo. Lets move on from them and see where they are in August. Galway will go further than them and thats a fact


Said it the other day but I really think the Rossies will fancy their chances against Galway after that performance on Sunday


Cant see it. Galway will have learned from last year. Galways panel is far superior and remember mayo played a full blanket defence after DOC got sent off and Ros wont do that allowing galway forwards a lot more space. Galway will reshuffle too and get Burke brannigan, cooke and heaney back into the half back line


Any further word on Tom Parsons? Prognosis, etc?


Best wishes to Tom.


Hope he recovers and pulls on the Mayo jersey again. good honest type of player.

Only saw the elbow last night. fooking hell those two lads would want to have a think about their actions on the pitch. Nasty with the elbows and have been for some time.


Still in hospital in Galway awaiting further tests. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery. Have my doubts we will see him in a green and red jersey again considering his age.