2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


You’d have to wonder if the job is too big for Rochford, seems to make erratic decisions. Think getting rid of the other two was a huge mistake.


Interesting, if Horan was to come back, could he get anymore form this group? Diminishing returns on a group that has literally been through it all on a few occasions.


Ill refer back to all of this at the end of the championship :wink:


Barry Moran has not seen much game time in recent seasons and it’s not because he keeps forgetting his boots. I don’t know how the likes of Drake hang in there when they get little or no game time and are clearly not going to get a starting place at this time. Where Mayo have a bit of bench cover is in the backs - exactly where they don’t need them.


Honestly, I don’t know. Holmes/Connolly seemed to be very much in the same vein as JH, but as we know, the lads didn’t like not getting to pick the team, so they had to go.

The more I see, the more I am convinced Rochford is just a yes man. The sight of him looking over a match program, trying to figure out how to replace Parsons, was comical.

Sure, he was with Corofin when they became AIC champions, but in fairness, they seem to be doing OK without him these days.


Ah that wont sit well with the best fans in ireland !


I don’t claim to have a crystal ball, I just call it as I see it. As I have said before, you write the Yews off at your peril. They are the Japanese Knotweed of Gaelic Football.


Ill believe it when i see the dispair in their eyes walking off the pitch .


Mayo fans on the ground here are actually calling out D O Connor for his antics yesterday. Himself and Cillian have got narky and should be concentrating on playing the game.

As for Rochford…I know plenty unhappy with management. I’m afraid the forward talent isn’t in the county right now.

Shane Nally you may may not be familiar with got the chop for the match day panel. He can kick long range scores and indeed did just that sat eve for his club where he kicked 3 monster first half points. I was baffled that he was left out as against a defensive Galway setup, someone like Nally who is accurate from distance is exactly what’s needed.


Then why isn’t he been selected?


You’d have to ask Rochford that


He ruffled Aido’s hair in training once…

There’s no coming back from that.


Fair play to you @mayoman , for coming on here. No bloody way would I have been on a Donegal forum, so soon after after The Day That Will Live In Infamy back in 2014.


I’m thick skinned…you’d have to be being a Mayo supporter.


You should stage a coup and take them over. You’d be a great success with all the super advice you get here! :wink:


You could have revelino and pebblesmeller as yer selectors. Willie joe will watch yer back on the oul blog so ye won’t get too much flak.


ironically only for a very poor forward yet again they would have won the match


Thank jaysus you got rid of trump avatar , it was unsettling every time you posted something.


It’s still unsettling any time I post anything … :smirk:


Why is Shairoze Akram never considered? He has pace to burn!