2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Mayo might need to move Keegan into midfield to compensate for the loss of Parsons. If they revert to the two O’Ses in midfield they’ll be decimated.


What about Barry Moran for midfield ?


He’s always on the bench, and never used. Seems an obvious option for midfield.

As has been said, 2 x O’Sheas would be eaten alive by any kind of mobile and pacey midfield. Think of them pitted against Fenton/McCarthy, Aido would have the 7 and 8 numbers burned into his vision from looking at them.


Remember what Kevin McStay said about Aido ? He’s the best 50 minute midfielder in the country !!! I shit you not . . . Whelo picked him up on his comment about Aido being the best midfielder in the country, then showed him Jamsie scoring his two points and Aido nowhere to be seen


Just bring him on after 20 minutes & he’s sorted !


That pair at midfiled would be like sticking two gates up in a desert…


I don’t think a midfield of Moran and Seamus would cut it in Croke Park.


Well just from the outlook that they need someone to replace Parsons . Whether he’s the answer , time will tell.


Yeah, Parson is gone for a long time, maybe even for good. That’s a loss to the GAA as a whole, and the Mayo squad specifically. He’s a decent, level headed grafter, with no small skill - players like him are in chronically short supply on that squad.


We won’t see Croke Park this year unfortunately


Chin up big fella!!



Not gonna fall for that one again.


Get up outta that. Yes will find yer GPS and get to croker again.


@mayoman - you said you were angry earlier on - don’t blame you. How do Mayo keep doing the same things year after year and expect a different result? Surely ye have some forwards in the county who can shoot? Aidan O’Se does not perform against good teams. Jason D is not up to this level. The O’Connors discipline is shocking and rather than excuse it when are Mayo fans gonna call it for what it is. In fact the whole discipline issue is costing ye big time. Rather than the usual bs ‘we’ll regroup and go again’ when are fans going to wake up and start calling out a management with no game plan and no discernible change in personnel or tactics for three years now. When are a number of players who are hurting the effort going to be called out?


I wouldn’t mind, but Enda Varley is in flying form for Vinnies. Surely he’s worth a look for the Mayo panel. It’s not like they’re up to their gickers in scorers. Some of the shooting on Sunday was comical - the corner flag was under much more threat than the black spot on the crossbar ever was.

As for Rochford - three years, and Zero silverware. He gets alot more wrong then he does right. As a Dublin fan, I’ll be sad to see him go, and distinctly more worried when Horan comes back.

I think the inevitable early exit from the champo this year, may very well cause a cleanout.

Of course, this is Mayo - a bunch who simply won’t go quietly into the night. Despite all signs pointing to disaster, they’ll probably make the AIF again, to get beaten by us, again.


This in a nutshell. Very early to be writing obituaries.


Why would you be worried about Horan? Interested to hear this.


They’d be better off losing as soon as possible.

It’s not going to end well for them. Again.


Yes. But No.

  • A poor FBD, where they managed a draw against Leitrim.

  • A piss-poor league, even by their “we don’t care about the league” standards. A dodgy number of steps point in the dying moments of their last game, to snatch a draw and save them from relegation was the high point.

  • Losing their opening champo game.

  • They haven’t won a game at home this season.

  • They’ve lost their most consistent midfielder, and the replacement options are thin on the ground. (I hope he comes back, a genuine chap by all accounts).

  • Free taking is in trouble. Their No1 guy is coming back from injury, has suffered a slump in deadball form of late, has a track record of bottling the big kicks, has limited range, can only kick reliably from one side of the pitch, and they have literally noone to replace/augment him.

  • Management don’t seem to know what’s going on. They pun in a guy who hasn’t kicked a round ball compeditively in FIVE YEARS into the fray. It smacks of total and utter desperation.

  • Underage in the county is in freefall.

  • 3 or 4 players on the squad are dead weight. (I’m being generous here).

Teams get written off for alot less…


Honestly, I rate him. Mayo were soft before he came along, he gave them an edge, but kept discipline in check. Under Rochford, it’s gone to shyte, straight reds all over the shop.

Sure, he made mistakes (2013 last 15 minutes of the AIF was the obvious howler), but they went places with him, and he wasn’t afraid to keep the egos in check.