2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


As someone who was really looking forward to watching that, I was left hugely disappointed. Both teams played at a pedestrian pace. I think both teams feared losing, and didn’t want to take any risks. Very disappointing game.

Its horrible football Galway play. I know the last few years they’ve been defensively shambolic but there’s a middle ground that can be found I feel. Once the middle of summer comes, this system will be found out.

I don’t see Mayo making super 8s. I think this is the year the wheels come off. They could be gone in the next game very easily.


Indeed. Five All Irelands, five National Leagues and seven Leinster titles in the decade says very little for our starting XV.


But only a point better than a team you say don’t have a great starting XV. I don’t understand why people constantly like to dismiss a team that has gone toe to toe for years with Dublin and barely come up short. The point in question is not how many wins Dublin have, it’s your statement that the team that consistently push them right to the limit aren’t very good.
Ultimately this lazy opinion needs to be called out for what it is in fact - an insult to the Dublin teams of the past few years.


Watched the whole game back and can’t really understand what people expected from it. It was a huge battle between neighbours very familiar with each other, with alot at stake.

Galways scores from play were magnificent, and they have a free-taker who is looking like becoming a star. They have yet to get the balance right with defense and attack, and that ultimately will decide how far they can go. But they’re a big, fast physical team who are ‘down the road’ in terms of conditioning compared to Kerry for example, and have a coach who is going the right way IF he has the nous to develop their game.

For me Mayo looked very fit and would have wanted to win this game very badly. They had home advantage, but they didn’t cope with Galway. This was shown to some extent by their wides. No excuses, Parsons is a huge loss and they continue to lack a little quality in terms of scoring. If Keegan makes it back fully they should still make the group stage and compete well, if not then they will very likely be out before then.

My one major question again for Galway is why they aren’t pushing up more when they have the wind, and an extra man. It seems that Walsh doesn’t trust them enough yet, and wants them to get their defensive structure completely ingrained.


In fairness Galway had to change their approach as had very soft centre and haven’t won championship game in Croker since 01. They will have a fit Eamonn Brannigan and Ian Burke will prob start the next day too.




All Galway wanted for a while was to get wins that really matter, which include very much tight, ugly wins, and not give too much away in terms of showing their full hand. Dublin have done this at times over the past 8 years, the smart coaches and teams do this. Will they have the wherewithall to expand it sufficiently? Time will tell.


I’m angry. Loosing to Galway for a third year in a row and at home again. Our forwards were horrendous. Management not much better.

I know we have come back from the dead many times and this team owe us nothing but I really can’t see where we go from here. It could be a short summer.

Injury to Tom Parsons kind of puts things into perspective I suppose. Really hope it’s not a career ending one.


Mayo haven’t even reached a Connacht final in three years. Yes for some inexplicable reason they run us close but name me one other performance of note from them in this time. They have at best one forward and one midfielder. Why can’t they lift their game against Galway? Or Cork? Or Roscommon? Or Derry?

The bottom line is they have won nothing and have had any number of very poor performances.


Horrendous injury to TP, some grim viewing on he Sindo this morning, he is a decent player to be fair, gives it his all and very important to Mayo. I cannot see Mayo doing a lot now, i know its silly to write them off but christ it must be horrifying to be a mayo supporter, Rochford is a spoofer, himself and McEntee looking at the program to see who to bring on in place of an injured Parson’s clearly no plan B whatsoever. Big Aido went missing for the entire second half, and he was a captain. You have Voldermort as Captain now, and with that they will win nothing, he is a horribly sly player and the younger brother must be getting coached at the kitchen table. A clear out and rebuild is required, Colm O Rourke stated yesterday terminal decline, I for one think he is correct, who would have thought a Dub would agree with a Royal


How old is Parsons? First and foremost, I hope he makes a full recovery. Then he can consider whether or not he wants to make a comeback. Terrible injury for a young(ish) man in his prime.


31 I think. Be very hard see him make a comeback at inter county level at least from this.

Can’t see anyone stopping Dublin this year unless Kerry come up with something.

Really depressing (from our point of view) that another generation of Mayo players are likely to see no all Ireland. Frustration would be an understatement.


It does. It was as bad any of those horror injuries I have seen in the past particularly Beano McDonald. I hope the lad recovers and gets back playing ball for Mayo.


So the injury is a dislocated knee? I assume that means significant ligament and/or tendon damage?


I don’t see how a knee could flex in that direction without damaging ligaments, it’s a hinge joint after all :nauseated_face:


The closest equivalent of this injury that I have seen was a college american footballer by the name of Marcus Lattimore. He was the next big thing (insanely talented).
Sustained a similarly horrific injury (Youtube if you dare…) before even being drafted and cashing in on his tallents. SF took a flyer on him in the draft but he never really got back (with the best doctors in the world looking after him).

I just hope TP has no long lasting effects and wish him all the best in his recovery. Smashing player!


O shea still cant kick a point ,if anything he getting worse as the years go by .You would think mangement would have said to him its an area of your game you have really got to work.on ,or are they all afraid to say it to him ???


Forget about the football, just hope the chap makes a complete recovery and it doe’nt effect his life.


That is what I was saying…


I met Tom Parsons one night in the jacks in Coppers, very sound fella.

Really really hope he makes a comeback and doesn’t have many complications