2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


and yet they crow about beating roscommon. if you give it…


Blame lies with the Rochford brain thrust there . If everybody outside the county can see these issues why in the name of god cant he . Or is it a case he chooses not to out of loyalty to the players. Let’s not forget also that these bunch of players voted to have the previous management sacked . Will we be seeing in years to come how they might blame him for dropping Clarke in the AI final denying them a medal.

Its apparent too that some players are beyond been dropped . One thing he has done is given a few of the younger lads a run out today , possibly forced to due to lack of fitness , injuries . Will he trust them the next day out .


Oh i know . Theyre not used to people taking a strip off them. I’d haved loved to have seen that today :grin:


and the drawn all ireland final. Rochford seems to have fully bought into the mammy rhetoric which blights a certain element of the mayo fandom, where it is the greatest hysterical crime to touch a mayo player but the highest example of masculinity for a mayo player to foul off the ball often in the most cynical of fashion and then deny it ever happened. He has purposefully set his teams out from day one, using the mammy terms, to “not be bullied” or “not give in to (insert team name)” or “bow the knee” and to overuse the word “bucks” in a frequently homoerotic manner.

in that atmosphere is what happened to the o connors in mayos last two matches really a surprise?


Agree with that. Before James Horan took over Mayo were seen as a nice team. They added a edge to their game under him but they were very disciplined. Since Rochford took over discipline has gone to the dogs especially from his senior players.I think he needs to use AOS as impact sub especially in Croke Park. Doesn’t have legs for 70 minutes.


Roadside signs in Castlebar. :joy:




All the more enjoyable when you know how wound up some of them got



Someone said they were outside Breaffy, but it looks a bit too rural for Breaffy, doesn’t it. Isn’t Breaffy on the outskirts of the town?


3 billboards , very good :joy:


Jaysus that injury to parsons is pretty horrific. Poor lad. Speedy recovery.


I think the big issue is that if Mayo reach the Super 8 it will mean they will play 7 games in 9 weeks. With games coming that frequently I’m not sure they have the squad depth to cope (especially if they are missing Parsons and Keegan).


Keegan said he’d be back for the next pre match


I know, but saying something doesn’t mean it will happen. He could be back for the next game or it could be several more weeks, such injuries can be hard to predict.


Mayo don’t have a great starting XV never mind strength in depth - that’s the reality here. And injuries are just exacerbating things


So good? Did someone say they’re so good? They are improving, developing. They had a very good Nat League and competed well in the final against us, not bad for a team with their Croker record at their stage of development. They are building a system, starting with emphasis on defending in depth, not unlike Dublin in 2010 and at times in 2011.

They have some good u-21 talent coming through. They have beaten Mayo 3 years in a row now, and will probably have won two Connaught Championships in 3 years, that ultimately may not mean alot but it can certainly mean a certain amount.

As you say, their greater tests will be at the business end of championship, like everyone, and they have alot to prove yet in that regard, but equally it’s hard to fathom people writing them off on the basis of a first round championship game. Which they won.


Same could be said for Mayo…


Doesn’t say so much for our starting 15 then?


Leeroy will come back and be a huge factor if fit enough. However, I feel the loss of Tom Parsons is something that Mayo won’t be able to overcome. He is one of Mayo’s most dominant players and without him they are bollixed. If they reach the Super 8’s I’ll tip my hat but I can’t see it happening.
There again I think they should have pissed that match today. But… muishe, Mayo God Help Us!!