2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Not if they look at Conroys face.


Joe tipped mayo on numerous occasions. Smile and nod politely while thinking you hav’nt a fucking clue brother.


is what you meant?


Couldn’t believe he didn’t shake the ref’s hand …


Should be at least two games. Don’t think the Galway lad came back on. No way should the minimum apply if you actually remove a player from the rest of the game like that.


Will depend on what goes into Lane’s repot,
Option 1, to strike with the elbow (min 1 game)
Option 2 to inflict an injury recklessly on an opponent( (min 2 games)
Both increased if repeat offences.


Even at option 1 it’s a minimum of one game. Should be two because of the injury in my view. ONce again AFL shows the way. We should adopt their system forthwith in my view.


Wouldn’t be expecting anything. The O’Connors have been doing this for a number of years. It’s like a family tradition at this point. Cowards the two of them.


Des could wish Parsons well with a little more feeling.


Not a hope he’ll get any bans longer than the standard one for the red card. If Andy Moran can get away with shoving a ref, so will DO’C causing GHB to the Galway lad,


It was like an afterthought from him.



That DOC second red card this season. He was sent off for 2 yellow cards in previous Galway game and black carded against Monaghan. Would that add to his suspension?


some mayo blog people raging about some signs Galway scallywags had put up on the road into castlebar. someone posts them

On the signs…big ■■■■ off professionally printed in maroon on white

  1. 67 years and waiting
  2. Still no All Ireland
  3. Why so Mayo (I think)

Put up overnight I’d imagine…like to see them come back for them…sad pricks

nothing like local banter!


God, that was a poisonous game.


Discipline is massive problem under Stephen Rochford. Too many key players are getting the line in big games. Also too many of their players seem to be getting involved in off the ball stuff. The O’Connors, McLoughlin,Doherty,Boyle,Aidan O’Shea and Vaughan waste a lot of their energy rolling around trying to get opposition players sent off.


ive spotted the first “he’ll be disappointed in himself” post on the mayo blog. i’m sure he will again.


Not that you’ll hear that from the media. Meanwhile they have constant things to say about DC…


Delightful . Nothing like sticking the boot in .


I reckon Mayo have had a very good team over the last few years and maybe could have and should have gone all the way, but their big failure is not being able to identify their own weaknesses, they seem to think that playing dirty will make them more imposing, but really it has just led to mad indiscipline, like today or in last years final.
what they need to do, if it is not already too late, is sit down and look at the real problems they have, for example why do they seem to miss a high % of simple frees, why do they not seem to know where Aido should play, why is it so predeictable that some players will be taken off at a certain time during a game.