2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Wouldn’t wish an injury like that on anyone, really have to feel for him that looks seriously painful, can’t imagine he will be playing for some time


Yup shocking stuff, If that’s the best tactics Mayo can come up with they may pack it in now. Clueless in how to deal with how predictable Galway were going to be.

Mayo are basically going with the same hand they’ve played for the past 5 years, it hasn’t been good enough and as some players get older its plain to see they aren’t improving. Don’t want to dance on their grave as certain players like Keith Higgins I’ve always admired but I cannot see them going the long route to the super 8’s and getting through. Tough injury for Tom Parsons looked terrible.

Was very surprised with one of the O’Connor brothers leading with the elbow though and getting the red very out of character… :roll_eyes:

Galway tough organised and keep the score tight but if they bring that to Croke Park it wont work.


Off the top of my head I can think of 5 teams that will beat them comfortably in July/August if they continue with that style

They’ll have no problems dealing with what was offered up today unless there’s serious improvement.

So disappointed in Galway today. Thought they’d be much better than that


Think you should remove those images, they are very graphic, if people want to see them they can go looking for them.


Looks like an absolutely horrific injury


Agree. Awful. Parsons is a fine footballer. It’s a shame. Football can be very cruel sometimes. I wish him well.


Removed. Apologies to anyone that didn’t want to see the images I hope the weak stomachs survived!


Indeed best of luck to Parsons - him and McCarthy were easily the best two midfielders last year - parsons destroyed the at the time much rated Kerry midfield in both of last years semi finals


Absent On Sunday’s


Galway will be absolutely delighted, won playing muck, it was Mayo’s game today and they blew it. Alot of short-sighted talk about it, Galway will be much better than this if they make it to Croker. 1st round against great rivals with loads of hype often ends up a poor game. Galway will probably grind out Connaught now and can keep their powder dry.

If Mayo get a very kind draw they will still make the group stage but they need everything to go their way from here on. If they get knocked out it means a huge difference to one of the groups. The old guard is changing, will Dublin be swept up with the new brooms?


They would want to be sweeping very hard with Harry Potter brooms if that’s what your thinking…


eight games to get to a semi final, 9 to a final, add todays and it the exact same road as last year, and they have a month to get their act together. Leeroy adds a lot to that team, and I dont see them tripping up in the backdoor. Andy Moran said they didnt find any problems playing weekly last year. We’ll see what’s what in August.


You do realise Galway haven’t won in Croke park against good opposition in a very long time.

Why are they so good this time ?

I see them winning back the province and comming very short in the group stage of the super 8’s . I don’t think they are very good .


What the f*** would he know?


AFAIK The qualifier draw is now open draw so Mayo could get loser of Tyrone / Monaghan.


he is in good company, ray silke on the marty squad thinks the hurling is all home and away this year.

speaking of which, i was away from media today and when i switched on the radio at 6.15 i know mayo had lost due to the funereal tone. marty sounded like he had announced 3 days of national mourning. there was some light hearted moments, such as some comedian they had on telling good jokes like splitting dublin into 6 as two wouldn’t be enough.


What the f*** would he know?
(I sense a recurring theme here)


We have to play 7 games to reach the final. Mayo have to play 8 or 9. Is two extra games really all that big of a deal for them? The number of games isn’t the problem for them, not when you consder how much training the counties that have genuine asperations to still being around in September do. Their problem is how crap they tend to be in the qualifiers.

They have needed boat loads of luck, extra time, replays and Aidan O’Shea swan dives not to fall at the Derry, Cork, Fermanagh, Clare, Roscommon hurdles, before they even got to Croker and the AI finals. Sooner or later their luck is going to run out. With the horrific injury that Parsons suffered, it just may have.


Speaking of Tyrone and losers … where’s @upthedall this weather???

Only messing - hope all is well mate.


Looking back at it, O’Connor hadn’t realised that the ref was right beside him when he twatted yer man.

Presume it will be the lightest ban possible :grin: