2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


Probably have to use 1st week in April. Can’t be helped really!


All games are scheduled for the same time, so, I’d say if one is called off they’ll all have to be called off.


Belting down again here and sticking on top of what was left


Just showed O’Moore Park there on Six One.

There’s no way that game is played this weekend. It’s part of a double header with the Laois footballers playing too.FAI, Rugby, all cancelling things and giving people certainty. Why the GAA has to wait for Friday is beyond me.


O’Moore pk in portlaoise feels like winter all year round.Not a chance of it going ahead


You’re giving out all week about the Govt and media overreacting - now you’re giving out about the GAA under reacting :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Fcuking unbelievable!!! Is there a single thing that makes you happy?!


Winding you up.


Just saw O Moore Park on TV. It’s covered in snow and based on the forecast will not be playable on Sunday. Are Croke Park hoping that the met office and Rochie have got it wrong? Makes no sense that they haven’t made a call on fixtures by now. There’s a lot of organising around matches, Gardai, Stewards, programmes, shops in grounds, travel for away teams, meals for teams, supporters plans etc. It’s unfair that everyone is left hanging on for a decision that we all know is going to happen.


In certain divisions perhaps but our one is pretty clear cut. Two winner take all games at different places of the table and one meaningless game so they don’t have to start at same time really.




Yeah. It’s not like it hasn’t been in the media and such


I’d have my doubts about the met office, but never about @Rochey !!


Maybe it’s a plot by Laois County Board! :grinning: Anyone remember a good few years ago when we played Westmeath in a lake? Otherwise known as Mullingar! Meant to be a double header that day. But Kilkenny were due to play think it was Offaly but that game was called off! :anguished:


And WM beat us. Dublin should never have went ahead with the game.


Think Westmeath were crowned Waterpolo champions that day!


That was a farce


Round 5 of the NH league now moved to 10/11 March.


The date for rescheduled fixtures won’t be officially announced until Monday!


Actual times and dates to be announced on Monday!

A Chara,

The GAA has confirmed that all Allianz Football and Hurling league fixtures scheduled for this weekend have been postponed.

A full revised fixtures programme to cover the remaining rounds of the Allianz Leagues will be issued on Monday, March 5th. For the moment, the following should be noted as broad principles:

  • Round 5 of the Allianz Hurling League will now take place next weekend (March 10th/11th)

  • The Division 1 Allianz Hurling League Quarter finals will move to the weekend of March 17th/18th, the semi-finals to the weekend of March 24th/25th and the Allianz Hurling League final to March 31st

  • Round 5 of the Allianz Football League - due to be played this weekend - will move to March 10th/11th.

Any exceptions to the above will be addressed in the revised fixture programme to be issued on Monday.


Please don’t refix Kerry for 10th!!!