2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


He scored four from play I think, so no doubt he had a good game. I just worry about ball winning from puck outs and tackling - but that was the best game I have seen him play for Dublin today.


I was cock sure I knew who you were, until I saw who I thought you were in at the big ball game today!!! :slight_smile: :rofl:


Wasn’t at the game today due to work, cheers for the updates.

I was critical of the full back line prior to Limerick. But Smyth has been outstanding. A serious find by Pat and Co. I know he came through decent underage but we’ve lost a lot of them too. Hopefully he gets a shot for the champo. One for the future for sure.


Depending on how good the provider is, @Wifi is everywhere.


Daly wasn’t writing us off against Tipp on the Sunday Game last night. That Laois result is the result you would expect when a tier one team plays a tier two, and it is the first time we played like a tier one and he seems to have recognised that. In Parnell, and if they can bring the intensity for long enough, it could be close against Tipp. I would be happy with anything under an 8 point loss.

But we did fade yesterday again. It is disguised by the two goals, but for the last 20 minutes they were getting more scores (Tayto remarked during the game that they got four in a row) and we started shooting from areas where the chance of scoring were very low. We had about three wides in a row from shots taken from nearly the same area out on the right wing. Ryan and the two McBrides tidied it up a bit when they came on, but the last quarter of the game was our worst quarter, as it has been in all the games to date.

There was no Liam Rushe or Cian Boland in the subs, so must be injured. We have a shocking injury rate. It seems under Daly we had most people available most of the time, now our injury list just gets longer.


Very hard to keep going when the game is won though. suspect the previous fades were down to heavy training, suspect some of the poor performances were as well. Hopefully we’ll be well rested for tipp, and can have a right cut off of them.


To get within 8 points of Tipp would indeed be good going! But difficult to tell where Tipp are at. Sometimes they can come out and blow teams away. Other times they just do enough to get by! There are two ways at looking at this game. If we get within touching distance of them it might give us confidence going forward ( but danger there is was it just Tipp in 1st gear) Or do Tipp bring their A game and give us a true indication of where we are at right now?


Think the injury list is due to Gilroy’s policy of getting lads right at this point in the season. not risking any knocks or playing lads with any sort of niggle - assume that will change come championship. The fade outs i would put down to heavy training, he pretty much said he was pushing the lads hard. v Laois the game was won at halftime, can be tricky to keep it going in those circumstances.

How did Cian O’Sullivan get on when he replaced Keaney?

Great to hear Smyth had a good game, thought he looked very solid as a minor.

Was Hayes a starter at minor? Seemed to be a sub on the 2016 minor team, maybe he was carrying a knock?


Delighted to hear he got his rewards yesterday after having a great game against Galway 2 weeks ago, he really stood out in that game


O Sullivan didn’t get a whole heap of ball, but what came his way he did well with. He is a stockier young lad then I thought. Keaney did well though, although personally I would never not play Keaney, even if he was 45 - I feel the same way about Keaney as @DUB09 feels about Jonny Cooper :grinning:

I didn’t realise Hayes was so young, that is great. He can only get better and better. He roasted the corner back yesterday. As did Winters actually (two of them, he got one subbed early), he just didn’t finish as well. He missed wide open chance of a goal early in the first half.


Yea, he’s only a chisler. If the curries come through next year or two we’re going to have some options.


Full Back and half backs did well enough, but we got caught a number of times over carrying the ball and giving silly frees away as a result, O’Donnell and Crummey got caught a number of times. We also could have had at lease 2 more goals. McGibb in the 2nd Half plus Winters.
Nolan needs to work on his puckouts too - at least 3 times he tried to find a player around half way and over hit both times, resulting in cheap scores being given away. If we can tighten up on those areas in defence and be a bit more ruthless in front of goal.
Any word on Barretts hand ? Rushe and Hetheron and Connolly were there also - I’m assuming all 3 are injured ?


Of course, the better answer to

would have been “including sitting on the shitter?”


Quite a lot to work on so! :slight_smile:


Some of the errors on over carrying the ball were things a Juvenile Coach would tear their hair out at !!


Complacency when the game was won against a team you expect to beat?


If only, this was in the 1st half…


Oh well, like you say, that should be easy enough to change/fix.


Winter’s miss was a bit of a shocker, it would be relatively hard to get the ball wide from that angle! But apart from that he did well. Although Paul Ryan didn’t do his chances any hard either.

I actually thought McCaffery was good (someone above, maybe yourself, disagrees with me though I know). What I like about McCaffery is that you can be confident he can handle the intensity of inter-county, he might not be brilliant every game, but he will rarely be bad. Also, his skill rarely lets him down in tight situations.

I think it was him though I heard management getting on to for shooting and not taking on his man. They gave O Dwyer a bit of stick once too for taking a point and not heading for goal, ‘go for the jugular’ was shouted at him. That might have informed McGibbs decision not to take a point and to keep running at goal near the end, when it wasn’t really on.


Agree with your view on McCaffrey - very solid and a good man to win the dirty ball in a scrumb, he’s very solid and rarely makes the wrong decision when in possession. I’d have him in the side every time - massive experience and also plays alongside Crummey for Lucan an advantage.
Paul Ryans accuracy when shooting is a level above the younger guys at the moment.