2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


No. A Corner forward who turns like a barge is not ideal.


liam Rushe best days I hope are not behind him. I can’t remember his last decent game with The county. His days could be numbered.


Things were so bad last summer I don’t think anyone came out with their reputation enhanced.


Like O Donnell there myself.


But Ger C picked him there so that can’t work


Not a bad rule of thumb to go with :grinning:


Joking aside, apart from the man management stuff, the other issue Cunningham had was in thinking you can bring intensity to a game with small guys.

It just can’t be done. Unless players have the tenacity and the strentfh to stand a guy up and force a turnover, they shouldn’t really be there. I am not a huge fan of ROD, and he isn’t at his best now either, but he was still more effective in the forwards last week then lots of other guys being tried there, because he could make it hard for the defender to come out with the ball. 6 O Dwyer’s in the forwards would be better then 6 knacky little forwards.

You can get away with one smallish guy in the forwards, but no more. Likewise midfield. Before this team thinks of nice tactics and good stuff like that, they have to be able to create a lot more turnovers. The Galway really good spell in the first half was created by players breaking a tackle and finding a loose man. We couldn’t do that, and when we did the guy receiving the ball dropped it. If we can fix this whole area of dealing with contact (and coming out on top), we will be in a good place.


Great post Wi-Fi. Unfortunately inter county hurling has less and less room for guys who are not six footers. There are exceptions like Tommy Walsh but they prove the rule. I doubt that even a Joe Deane would thrive in today’s game- which is sad.


Eh Jamie Barron the best hurler in 2017.


Ah that’s probably a fair call! 5 foot 9. 12.5 stone. Tough bit of stuff…Surrounded by big men! I think there is room for one but not many.


Agreed one couldn’t have 15 of them but Derek McGrath is one manager who doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Noel Connors has grown wrong direction with too much gym work but is probably the smallest intercounty hurler around.

What we would give for a Jamie Barron type midfielder now


Shane O’Donnell not the biggest lad either


We’d probably play him corner forward :wink:


Noel McGrath
John McGrath
Bonner Maher
Patrick Horgan
Alan Cadogan
Conor Lehane
Mark Coleman
Darragh Fitzgibbon
Richie Hogan
Tony Kelly
Shane O’Donnell
Colm Galvin
Etc. etc…

Plenty off room for good skillful hurlers under 6 feet tall. Galway are good team but they should have been beaten by a Tipp team who never really got going all year & I thought they were poor enough in the Final against an average Waterford team. Can’t see Galway winning it this year.


Right Stickman. You took me quite literally it seems. So for the record:

Noel McGrath 6ft
John McGrath 6ft
Bubbles 5.10
Bonner Maher 5.10
Patrick Horgan 5.11
Alan Cadogan 5.10
Conor Lehane 5.11
Mark Coleman 6 ft
Darragh Fitzgibbon 6 ft 2
Richie Hogan 5.9
Tony Kelly 6 ft
Shane O’Donnell 5.8
Colm Galvin 5.8
Etc. etc…

The only county that has regularly picks more than one shorter forward is Clare, who got bullied by Wexford a few weeks ago and have massively underperformed over the last four years. They are now picking the likes of Bobby Duggan more often as a result.

Now apart from Richie Hogan and Tommy Walsh, who were both exceptional players, how many guys of that stature had Kilkenny, in the last 15 years? Take your time.


None of Paul Murphy, Eoin Larkin or JJ Delaney are over 6ft…


Noel Hickey and IJ Delaney both 5 ft 10 I reckon, certainly not six footers


Wouo think larkin was 6 foot if not more


DJ Carey another


Ger Aylward, Cha, Michael Kavanagh, Aidan Fogarty, Richie Power…none over 6ft