2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Tommy wasnt developed til he was about 22, wasnt fast either.
None of your rules stick.
If they’re good enough they’re old enough.


‘Smacking them’ hasnt worked since they brought in the new rule. Any decent Junior A goalie will stop most shots blasted from the 21. A senior goalie will let in 0%.


I think unless you have a way above averagely fast shot you are not going to score, unless you get lucky. I am not even sure practising works, I did everything I could to get speed into my shots and never got anywhere with it. You either have it or you don’t and I don’t think too many have. @Tayto mentions Nolan as a possibility and he is the only one I can think of who is a possibility. Although Winters effort was quiet good, it was an amazing save (just on that, some of Galways play was amazing on Sunday - I don’t believe for a minute that was them in second gear as some of the media suggested. At times, some of the stuff they did was bordering on brilliant).

But penalties are a flawed thing now. Like every rule that comes in as a reaction to something else, it doesn’t work. They are just too hard to score from. Dublin would actually have scored a goal from that play if it was let run a couple of seconds longer, and ended up with just a point from a 65. But they have to be moved nearer to make it not worthwhile pulling someone down.


Agree 100% with that! Particularly the last part about moving it closer to the goal. The penalty is meant to be a punishment for foul play. They adjusted the distance in football So why not hurling?


No reason why players should not be scoring from penos. At the end of the day it is a one on one with the keeper from 20 metres and they should be scoring. The problem is most lads are predictable with where they are going to strike the ball to. Most right sided strikers will strike the ball to the left corner as they look at it, not too many will strike it to their right as it is not a natural striking style. I am not sure how often a peno would be practiced but I am sure power over placement is the preferred choice when players are practicing. Its getting the right combo of both that will get you more goals.


Practice is key! Look at Cluxton and Rock! They practice before and after each training session. Both these lads won All Ireland finals while under pressure with last kick of the game! Practice Practice Practice


I’m not sure, I think the keeper can reach any part of the goal before the ball does. In football and soccer, if a ball is struck properly, and with the right accuracy the keeper cannot save it. In hurling I think he can, unless it is lightening fast. Only 1/3 of penalties are scored now, so statistically going for a point will have the same result.

I do think Dublin are especially bad at it though, we score none (that is why I think we should just take a point), so practicing should take us up to the 1/3 level. Having said that, Paul Ryan should be decent at them if he is on the field.


you’d Think so but his record with Dublin is not great.


If we look deeper into that What’s likely to happen if a team is 2pts down and a player is going for a goal. Horse him down! They might get a point but we still win the game. Needs to be looked at from powers that be!


Yeah but Dean is poor with penalties. Cluxton only so so with frees last few years. Nerve + skill + practice required.

For hurling penalties we’re missing one or more of the above.


I agree. Kilkenny won an All Ireland a few years ago by pulling lads down at any threat of a goal. I think there should be a short line somewhere nearer the goal then the 20m line that becomes the new line that can’t be passed. There are less penalties scored now with one guy in goal then there was when three were allowed, just because the distance has moved.


Simply move it to 13 meter line. Problem solved.


Couldnt make the match as wasnt about the weekend but just seen brief highlights on tg4. The speed skill and long range striking from galway is just different level to us. I can only hope they are being dogged by Gilroy and we will get a surprise in the summer. The Cuala lads being away is probably damaging enough but lets hope we put our best 15 out soon enough.


The highlights very much favored Galway though. They took good points, but had a lot of wides also. With 10 minutes to go we were on top and pressing hard. Galway got a point (which was wide) and a goal and then pushed for home.

Sure Galway were the better team, but in the second half there was nothing in it at all. But for a horrific spell between maybe 10 min and 25 min, we would have won.


Galway are a massive size though. Some of them are like rugby players, but with more flexibility. They have one or two smallish lads like Coen, but even he makes up for in lean muscle what he lacks in inches.

I am not sure it is 100% the way to go, our footballers have shown there is more to the game then big chests and shoulders. But I am sure that you have to go at least part of the way and some of our lads don’t. Although that was a stronger team on Sunday then before.


At one stage in front of me, Crummy Jr. was standing beside the 9 from Galway. No exaggeration, the Galway lad was near twice as wide as him, but not over bulked.


Did I read somewhere that they had a S&C guy from Poland. But the article suggested that he left them recently! Not sure if there is any truth in this. But whoever he is he did a fine job with them!


The number 6 was as big - they were an amazing sight to see. Making them big is one thing, but maintaining their mobility along with it, is very impressive.

@Bluedub - Yes, they have a Polish guy that was being tempted away by Munster rugby, but I think he decided to stay with them in the end.

But this is one of the reasons I think this has to be a multi year project, some of our guys are miles off the physicality required. Even lads like Crummy (sr) and Barrett, who are big and powerful, aren’t this big and powerful.


Yes marrying mobility with physically is the key!


Their coach Lucasz Somethingorother was with Tipp when they won it. Micheâl Donoghue was a Tipp selector and robbed the coach out from under their noses for Galway!