2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Was Rushe not already on at that stage?


No he came in soon after!


The other McBride also came through the whole DCU game and did well (one monster catch). Himself, Conroy and Boland would make a big change to the Dublin team. Couple that with the Cuala lads and we would be starting to motor.


Cheers… It would have been very interesting to see a half back line of Barrett, Crummy and Rushe - we would be ok with height anyway!


McBride is a great bit of stuff.


Our intensity today was very good! Some bogus calls by referee when Galway players clearly charged with the ball and he gave free against us! One of their points came from a throw ball to a free player!


Didn’t see the last two games so can’t comment about any improvement from those two.
However, after about 65 minutes or so we had scored 2 points from play and both of them were by the midfielders. The starting forwards got us 1-1 from play today.
There is the main problem and has been so for some time as well now.


We also need to practice penalties! Clearly not doing this and it will cost us later in the year!


Correction 1-02. But yea. Point stands.Although realistically probably only 1 or 2 of those will be starting come the summer.


I’d say we’ve a 10% conversion rate or less.


Any top free taker should be scoring a goal one on one from 20 meters!


Was it v Galway a few seasons ago in Tullamore we missed 3 penalties?


I’ve already been warning the kids that if they misbehave I’ll bring them to the Laois match.


dubintip I’m ringing Childline! :grinning:


Didn’t make it to the match today but Dublin will beat Laois by at least 12 points


Sitting right in front of rushe when he got a right smack into the ribs. Never recovered after it.


We will beat Laois well that I have no doubt.


Beat them probably. Beat them well I’m not so sure!


Offaly found it tough going vs laois. are Dublin any further on?


We were at ground zero after last week. We might still be. But credit where it’s due, the lads were excellent today. Crummy man of the match for us, P Mannion for them.

Thought Paddy Smyth was outstanding in the corner for us, only had one slip at the end where his man nipped in for a score. Someone said earlier he’s only 19? He’ll be some operator down the track if that’s true.

We gave as good as we got in most areas. Danny shipped a lot of flak throughout but kept going. His touch is different class.

Big turning point in second half I felt. A Galway player milled one of our backs over the sideline with a late hit. No free and line ball to Galway. Came back to a Galway player who put it high and wide and the umpires gave it. Was 2 in it at that stage, and Galway goaled just afterwards unless I’m mistaken?