2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


7pm throw in?


Yep. Eir coverage starts at 6pm. Not sure how you could get 60 min discussion out of league game between Dublin & Limerick??


It’s also the build up to the Tipperary v Wexford game.


10 min discussion, 50 min ads …


Smith was good v Antrim, O Carroll was ok.


Nah that’s TV3 you’re thinking of!! 5 mins of talking rubbish followed by 15 mins of ads and then repeat!!


Well they won’t be talking about us in that case. It’ll be 60 mins about what a great fella Davey is.


If we had got Davey instead of GC we’d prob be dual All Ireland champs now …


You can’t say stuff like that here! No need for that type of talk :grinning:


If Ger Cunningham picked Donal Burke or any of the other dcu lads as often as the Vincent’s lads do there would be uproar. Surely no need to be overloading them at this stage of the season on heavy ground


Bit early to be on the sauce there @Lostcause


English please? Did you not listen to Alan at school?


Fecking tab… Should be English now


No one outside the camp knows their total workload, there might be other lads doing more - but in a training capacity. If all the DCU guys are doing is playing twice a week and then recovery, it’s not a lot.

I don’t understand why Burke and Whitely are playing all the time either, but that is more from the point of view of I would like to see what other guys could do.

From an overload point of view, there are a lot of experts involved, Whelan, Cullen etc. so I don’t think I know enough to second guess them.


My poing is the dual standards deployed by some supporters/ posters in 2017 and 2018.

Fitzgibbon games are champ l intensity when I don’t need a sport science degree to know that heavy ground is tough on the body


Can’t remember a whole heap of criticism over playing guys last year, but if there was then and there isn’t now - then yes, you have a point.

But really who knows what the other lads are doing. I would be surprised if any county team isn’t out training hard 3 nights a week at this time of the year. Guys who are playing two games, could be doing less. The problem might actually be that by playing games they actually aren’t doing enough.


Dotsie is pitchside for Eir. Looking sharp.

Should be a good gane. Hope I’m wrong but I’d fear for us with that FB line. Also as Parish said above, it’s hard to see where serious scoring is going to come from for us. Anxiously awaiting being proven wrong!



Anyone have a good stream? Premier sports always seems to be eir sport 2


Stuck in work. Would appreciate updates and thoughts.