2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


Cian Boland back from the dead. Hopefully he can get a clear run injury free.

Physical enough team


Cian Boland back is a big plus. I still feel we are carrying players here but maybe Pat etc sees more than us. (Obviously he does at training). Best of luck to all involved. We need a win if for nothing else our own selves going forward.


Looks to be a good bitta pace in half backline…midfield and half forward line. Good to see different fellas getting a run out and also letting guys settle by playing them a few games in a row. I presume hes still working off a big panel. I wouldnt mind seeing some of the fitzgibbon lads get a break and hopefully when cuala lads come back they are given a bitta time to recoperate before beimg thrown in


I’d like to see mcgibb get a shot at 11. He might rotate with keamey if we need a ball winner under our puckouts. Good to see Tomas Connolly wing back I think if he’s going to make it anywhere in the team it’s there. Don’t think he’d be in the first 3 half backs that we have just yet but he played very well there in any Vincent’s games I seen him play.


No Dillon? I wonder is he injured?


Does Mc Gibb do much scoring for Setanta/DIT? Great work rate when I’ve seen him play with Dublin, if he could add more scores he could be top class


He does score quite often with Setanta also can score from sideline cuts. It’s his work rate, his laying of balls happens a lot as there are always players free when he does win a ball, opposing players tend to go after him. He takes some punishment, gets up & walks away, unlike a lot of our team.
Sneakers, you’ll be happy enough with us not having him or Seán for our match.


Still seems to be very much in the giving lads a run phase.


No Rushe, Paul Ryan or Joey Boland ??


Thought Paul Ryan played well v Antrim and add in his free taking I’m a little shocked that he is omitted this week. But maybe this team sheet is a bit of a false start.


True, I’d expect to see Rushe, Dillon and Paul Ryan introduced after 40/45 mins


You’d wonder where the scores will come from that team.

The Backs looks solid enough but can’t see where we will damage the scoreboard and can’t see that side starting


@Wifi will be delighted to see Ciano back!


I don’t think it is all about picking the best team yet, as Tayto said, he is still trying out things. Having said that, Burke and Whitely are starting every game.

But I agree, regardless of experimentation, we need a free taker. The Antrim game would have been a comfortable win if Ryan had been on all the frees…


O’Carroll did not look comfortable against Offaly, nor did Smyth. I think Limerick will test that full back line


No but I would give a rookie defender some grace.

Likes of Smyth needs experience


Our own Dunphy-Hoolahan :grin:
I think he broke an internet record over the past year for name dropping him on here :laughing: only joking Wi-Fi. In fairness were all glad to see him back. Hopefully he gets a decent run at it now


True enough. Hope he gets an injury free run. pats policy is to rest players with any niggleing injuries so can only assume he is fine.


When he first came on the scene i always seen him as a faster version of Rushe. Maybe it was the white boots, but he was very good at winning his own ball in the air or on the ground. Had the skill to go with it. FF might suit him but if he gets back to his best we could see him out the field i reckon. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on. Very interesting full forward line tonight


For those of you “lucky” to have Eir sport, its on live this evening.