2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


Tony Kelly and others from Ballyea played for Clare during the league last year in the run up to the club final.

The gap between the fixtures is too long but hard to see a way around it unless you scrap having the final on St Patrick’s Day and I wouldn’t be in favour of moving it


A Dublin club team winning an All Ireland is way more important than a national league Div 1B match. We’ve only got the 2006 colleges title and Cuala’s win last year in terms of All Ireland championships won by Dublin teams. It’s slim pickings given that our strength of numbers at underage should have delivered a few minor and U21 All Irelands by now.


And Corofin guys played football with Galway one year I know. I don’t think you have to move the day, I like the St Patricks day aspect too, but I don’t think guys have to be kept in isolation before it.


Are they not shaping up to complete the club season in the calendar year? I thought they were?


I agree Cuala winning it is important - but I don’t think guys playing an odd league game before hand would have any impact one way or the other. It might even be helpful.

As regards winning underage, I think in actual playing number terms, and when you factor in the loss of guys to football, we might not have any huge numerical advantage over other counties. But absolutely we should probably have done a little better (and the loss of last years U17 final was a disappointment to that end, as that was a serious team).


It seems a long way now from u17 to u21.


Most of that u17 team are training with the u21s & might have an u19 comp during the summer.


I think the real issue is managers wrapping their players in cotton wool leading up to games. Interesting take on all this by Jim Gavin in this case he was speaking about college games. But same principles apply with Clubs. These players are adults and can make up their own minds about making themselves available for these games. The other side of the problem of protecting the players from injuries is that they could easily pick up an injury in the warm up to a club game anyway! From a hurling prospective games make you sharper than training!


but this is 2018 and those in charge get a 3 year grace


O Carroll
O Donnell
C. McBride
T. Connolly

think it wouldn’t be a bad time to give Whitley and Burke a rest; playing tonight as well and I’m presume DCU will win…Crummy very good at 6 so I wouldnt mind seeing him there and Rushe further up field; who comes in at wing back, probably Moran but he isn’t available


Yep, I like that team. You could get away with McMorrow at 11, if you have ball catchers either side of him.

I am not 100% sure on Winters yet, but he seems a big strong guy anyway.


I’d swap mcmurrow with McBride and put Donal centre forward


Bill O C just isn’t cutting it at this level. I think against Wexford he was a yard or two off his man every time. A little better v Offaly but mostly the same issue. Very good club hurler but a little out of his depth at IC.
Wouldn’t have McBride and Connolly in the middle together.
Like Wifi, not sold on Winters myself. Big guy. Pretty accurate. But allowed himself to be bullied by Liam Ryan v Wexford on 50/50 balls and was caught flat footed on other occasions. Not great against Offaly bar the goal. Still a lot to prove.
However you may not be far off with that team prediction.
Anyway I expect to see a huge step up in intensity and quality from Dublin. Hopefully we give them a right rattle.


Hard to see us pulling a rabbit out of the hat against either Limerick or Galway. But i guess the win over Antrim and an expected win over Laois puts us into 4th place which gives us another match in the league qtr final.


Lose to Laois and we will get an extra game as well! :grinning: Bottom two play off in a relegation game! Not that we would be wanting anything to do with that game.


If we had everyone fit, the Cuala lads and not have lads playing fitzgibbon then it might be a different story but a lot of distractions going on currently. Might be no harm down the line as panel members get a chance to stake a claim but it is making Gilroy’s first few months tricky enough.


Cuala lads won’t figure now until championship starts. Gilroy will have probably 5 weeks working them into the set up before we face Kilkenny!


Sure, just saying with a full pick i’d fancy our chances v limerick as it stands it’s going to be tough.


As good and all as they are, there might not be a whole heap of them to fit into the team. The certainties are O Callaghan in the full back line, Moran (somewhere), O Connell midfield and hopefully Cronin. I am not sure anyone else is a definite starter. Treacy would be next, but I wonder would be considered fit / fast enough for a Gilroy type team…


Plus no Whitely, Burke or O’Donnell this weekend either…