2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


i think wifi meant bennett not barrett.


A lot of people trying to be positive here and fair play to them for that.
But when you look at the match statistics for Sunday, they are not good.
From what looked to be a decent full forward line of Keaney, Dillon and Ryan we got 2 points from Keaney, 2 from Ryan ( from play ) and Dillon didn’t score.
Half forwards similar, Burke 3, Whitely 2 and Sutcliffe 1. The rest came from midfield and 1 from wing back. This was against an Antrim team that are not going that well.
I really would be worried about what will happen when we come up against an on fire Galway or Limerick.


Yes, Tayto is right, I meant Bennett, not Barrett. Barrett is very much not lost as you say and was exceptional yesterday.

I think you have a strong point here, that was a really good team, and to-date we are not getting any follow through from them and the management team are no longer involved. I also don’t understand the amount of injuries we have with young players, Tayto just added AJ Murphy to my list in an above post (I wasn’t aware he was injured). It seems to me to be a shocking long list and often really long term injuries.

I don’t know enough to say that the DCB are disorganised around hurling. It does seem to lack cohesion, but there may be a master plan of some sort.


AJ got injured outside of hurling. In fairness to the CB, all lads with injuries are looked after.
We need a joined up approach from 13 to senior.

We really need that focused from 17 to senior. And we need to dedicate our elite hurling forwards to that code. Otherwise we will win nothing.


I hear what your saying. But some of the problems can be explained away by the fact that when Dublin half backs and sometimes half forwards got possession with no doubt the intention of supplying ball into our full forward line Antrim pressed the man on the ball (which is fine) except on all most every occasion they fouled our player and due to very poor referee there was a free l awarded to Antrim. Not suggesting that happened every time but it did reduce the ball going inside.


Management helped bring them from being an average enough minor side to a Leinster winning U21 side. Fortune and others before him as stated previously would have been of huge benefit to a Dublin senior hurling setup. It’s my biggest gripe with all this of this. Why aren’t there more people involved with Pat who actually worked with these players? Who knew the Dublin club scene? Who have been successful with them underage? Who previously worked with hurling teams to know who was and who wasn’t up to it?


Hey, stop talking so much sense willya!


I get what your saying totally. But at the same time, if he wants to know something I guess he could just call them. There has to be just one boss, and it was very interesting yesterday to be near the line and see that there is only one boss. Now Gilroy talked a lot with everyone else, Cunningham especially, but he made the decisions. (It will be interesting next day out, if one particular player holds his place - one memeber of management was continuously griping about him, but I don’t think the guy in question has any say in selection decisions).

But I would most definitely have kept Fortune, Dignam etc. in charge of the u21s for a few more years. That u21 team over performed, especially with the injuries they had to contend with.


Do you know what the story is with AJ, is it long term? I would love to see him get a run out at senior level.


In fairness to Antrim, they led Galway for most of the game and forced them to empty the bench. They looked an awful lot stronger and tougher than when we played them in the Walsh cup.


Isn’t Liam Sheedy involved up there this year or something? they were in disarray the last few years but before that they were not usually an easy game above.


He seems to be involved in an advisory capacity, and it seems to be working well for them.


they always had a smattering of good hurlers and have troubled us from time to time in the past. Have had trouble getting lads lining out the last while i think. anyways they seem to be in decent form this winter/spring given the battle they gave ourselves and galway but then galway weren’t back long and we’re starting several lads who haven’t played county in some time, so remains to be seen if there’s real improvement up there or not.


Very bad injury in September / October. Horseplay involved but has been recovering ever since, will take him a while to get back to where he was. Super hurler, will hopefully get a shot with Dublin at some point.


Horseplay is more of a Finglas/Ballymun thing. I wouldn’t have expected the Glasnevin lads to be on horses.


Jesus, that’s bad - hopefully he will get back. If he was inside the camp he would benefit from the rehab knowledge Dublin have, but I guess because he hasn’t actually played senior yet - he might not be able to avail of it. But I think he is exactly the type of forward we need.


I noticed at one stage on Sunday, Crummy asked for one of the Antrim lads to be ‘man marked’. I don’t know if that was a euphemism for ‘put someone better on him’. I would have thought all of the backs would have been picking up a man? Unless someone knows different?

For puckouts, we are very much zonal I see. Actually, the shape of the forwards facing into a puck out is a mirror image of the Vincents one against Cuala in the championship semi. It worked well enough for Dublin on Sunday, if the opposition go short, the guy receiving the ball needs to have very good control to keep the ball. It didn’t work so well for Vincents because Cuala were able to find pockets in between the zones and pick out guys 30 to 40 metres out.


They might be playing Polo! :racehorse: up in the Park. :grinning:


I heard Crummey make the call too, I think it was aimed at McManus who scored 16 pts (only 3 from play) he drifted from Centre Forward into midfield and deeper, and found himself free on numerous occasions. Good to hear Crummey and Danny being so vocal too


Danny was doing a lot of talking on Sunday. Good to see!