2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


I was dreading that they would move it here.


God bless it, but it’s a kip…




5 minute delay to start because of crowd coming in - seriously!


If any of you are unlucky enough to have your car clamped give Gerry Kelly a call.


Heard it’s cause it’s taking Dublin an age to get the geriatrics off the bus :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Does anyone know if the match is available on radio?


I’ll never complain about O Toole Pk again. 4-1 down after 10. Coverage poor for me. The physical side of us hasn’t been seen properly yet. Aimless balls at times.


Did you hear of any radio coverage?



Coverage here lads


Thanks a mil


Gone 3 up. Keaney and Ryan our best forwards by far. Burke doing ok. Keaney offering something we were missing last week in terms of physicality. Antrim are a team we should be beating well.


6 up at HT.


Much better in second half of that half… Sutcliffe is back, unplayable at times! Keaney doing good job stopping their backs coming out. Our backs getting nicely on top now. Big step up from last week.


Score lads?



7 up. They brought it back to 4. Will comment further when home as service crap. Around 17 left.

  1. Less than 10 left. Poor second half.


Offaly getting a thumping of limerick


Down to 2. This is is very very worrying.