2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


Keaney has no business starting for Dublin at this stage.


Would tend to agree based on previous form and current club form, can only presume he is showing something in training. Good to see Danny back in blue though.


Good run & smart finish for the goal. Great to have Paul Ryan back.


I really don’t no how Cian McBride is starting he simple isint good enough in my eyes gone from half forward, to half back to center back and now midfield, good to see o donnell back aswell, Paul Ryan only back 2/3 weeks and straight in, all in all a much stronger team but I have my doubts over 2/3 players. Hopefully it’s a big win Sunday.


It’s certainly a team set up for a big win. Strong team all round imo. Great to see Danny and Ryan back.


… assuming everyone hits the ground running, keaney, Ryan and Danny haven’t started at this level in some time, so might be rusty. Does have a better balance i’d have thought.

Still looking at things with madden coming in.


Looking forward to seeing Crummey at 6, which I believe is his best position. Rushe could well struggle to dislodge him…


Keaney starting , Jesus wept he was finished three years ago.


Really like the look of that team, especially the full forward line, good mix.

With both O’Donnell and Crummey at the back there should be a good shape and control.

Honestly the league isn’t worth a shite now the championship is a league/playoff combo, so I think Pat is spot on testing as many lads as possible. Last week was Offalys All Ireland and they’ll be physically spent by the summer.



He tweeted last year he wanted to play…

Isn’t that enough, club form and the calendar count for nothing. 5 years left in him minimum…


Any radio coverage for tomorrow’s match?


Ah come on lads, He’s 35, not totally over the hill. Was given a fitness regime to get in shape and thought he looked in decent shape last week. Ideally he wouldnt be starting but while the Cuala lads are out we need all hands on deck & we badly need some ball winning forwards.

He was badly exposed as a wing back, a position he hadn’t played in years.

Expect he’ll swap with Burke and hopefully feed the youngster some ball/breaks.


Dublin hurling finished 3yrs ago! Now it’s started again!


I hope he proves me wrong but it’s not based on club form of last 3 years that he has been selected is it…

Having said that if he wasnt part of panel others would bemoan it. Loads like mccafffrey and himself now have chance to play themselves on or off the championship panel perhaps


Exactly, no point bringing them back if you’re not going to give them a chance. Need the ball to stick in the forwards, assuming he’s showing well in training, so good luck to him.


What happened to Let’s Be Positive?
Both Johnny Mc and Keaney bring great experience and strength to a young light squad.
We should be delighted to have them in the squad.


Great to see Paul Ryan back. More rounded team but will count for very little if we use the same tactics. St Johns ground is deceptively tight so if we persist with the running out of defence /playing thru the lines eyesore we saw last week,we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot. Biggest advantage offaly had over us the last day,apart from their workrate,was their use of direct hurling. Fast ball kills defenders. Look at offalys second goal.
Would love to see Dillon line out at no. 11. He ran the game in a league game v Kilkenny in Nolan pk a few years ago from that position with his direct play. I think that’s his spot. Put burke in CF. target man in keaney at FF with Ryan and burke playing off him. Direct ball in and theres scores in there. Whitley,Dillon and Sutcliffe are a mobile,tough hf line who can put the Antrim hbs on the back foot.
Our best display last season was in the league game v cork in cork. We went with a conventional set up with direct hurling and we came away with a win. Set the tone from the off tomorrow,fast ball into ff line and we should do it. Half forwards have the mobility to hoover up any secondary ball. Up the dubs.


Just stopped for a coffee and nearly there. Best of luck to all players today. Expect an 8/9 point win to get us back on the road again. But I did last week too so Paddy Power etc are safe.


Very harsh on winters but glad to see ryan back. The logic of keaney must be to put a few lads used to winning in the team but i think its a mistake.

Great to see danny back


This place makes O Toole Pk look good!