2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


That’s shocking and some score to give away

Management had us set up all wrong


The thing about a sweeper is that he has to have a clue how to play sweeper…and there has to be a reason to…and if you are losing you stop playing with an extra back!


It looked like he didn’t know where he was supposed to play


Majority of a full offaly teams against 5 or so of our starters.so not panic stations.

Winters I think is such a talented hurler but at the minute is just to windy.

Cuala success tis fantastic but as circumstances are may look back that for Dublin gaa it may have been more beneficial that they didn’t do so well…

Where is Lambert, Dodrill, Sutcliffe. Ryan etc?


Don’t think I need to make a point of how disappointing that game was but believe it was very unfair that Donal burke and fergal whitely were playing from the start tonight. Both played fitzgibbon cup on Monday & Thursday night and a 3rd game in 5 days was just too much to ask for these young men. Realistically we probably seen 5 potential starters come championship start tonight. Those being Nolan , crummey , Barrett , burke and whitely. Maybe winters too. In terms of the rest of the league we need danny , durkin , mcmorrow , dillon , cian o Sullivan , Rian mcbride , cian boland etc back in the team as soon as possible if we are to have any joy.


If anyone here is watching Cats v Cork, looks interesting! New faces on both teams.


Looked like he was exactly where he was told to be…


Cork being pushed around by Kilkenny- as usual. Cats a point ahead at half time and deserve to be. They win the individual battles, whatever it takes.


Apparently we were not intentionally playing with a sweeper I was told which makes it even worse as we had a lad wandering around the pitch not knowing what to Do with himself and a football manager seemingly not knowing what to do
With him either


Apparently he hurt his hand playing Thursday in fitzgibbon


Nice to see Kilkenny beaten


Never thought I’d have to listen to BIFFOs crowing and hooting again

Just imagine if we’d hired an actual hurling Manager instead of going for the Steve Staunton/Bobby Robson novelty option not only would we have Mattie Kenny, we’d probably have the Cuala lads available for selection :thinking:


One mans “crowing and hooting” of another’s man “COYBIB”…first league win in over 20 years in CP so hard to begrudge them.

Re mgmt, you’re right.


Fully agree but I’ll hold off on the full picture yet as it’s only day one. We had a chance/choice of Kenny, Fortune, Boland, Daly etc along with other good club hurling people in Dublin (there are a few there) but went with Pat and his football backroom team and Cunningham.
I genuinely hope there was a method to the madness. Need a result now against Limerick and Galway to try get out of this division.


Omens looking good already… dublin SF were pretty shit in 2009 so I’m predicting Liam McCarthy on the open bus in o Connell Street in 2020


It’s not day one though, Its now year four of us sliding back down towards the wilderness. We need to get stabilized pronto and division 2a is not the place for that


I would argue that team today wouldn’t make a Dublin club semi final. There was at least one in each line bar goalie who shouldn’t be in a championship panel ( more in some lines) and that’s based on watching those players over last few years not tonight. But 1B is the place to be to finc all this out ax the outgig selected tonight would be shipping 40 plus point trimmings if in 1A

Line was really slow to react to what’s happening but game time mgmt was always an Anthony Cunningham issue. John Hetherton looks fitter than when seen in county jersey under GC.

It’s a 3yr project to be competitive at top table and we can now only go one direction . Plenty of good hurlers to return begore championship. From a wider view it’s good for hutling to see Offaly honest again…


Talk about knee jerk reactions, did we really expect Gilroy to come in with a Magic wand and get results immediately? Way too much negativity, these are the games that the management learn from and the young players will only improve from this experience. Positives are the “Senior” players acquited themselves well - Crummey, Barrett and Nolan. Let judge Pat when he’s had at least 18 mths into the job…


To be fair the last few years the footballers have only been missing Dermo and Shanxe Carthy (Vins) during the league which is a big difference to the 6/7 Cuala Lads missing on this team


We have as much chance of beating Galway as a cow has of jumping over the moon.