2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


I was just suggesting that in regards clawing back score difference. Might well sneak a one point win v Galway or Limerick. but nothing more! Minus 13 could come back to haunt us.


I know only top team gets promoted. But what’s the position with finishing at or near bottom? 1A bottom two play off and loser goes down. Don’t think 1B works like that. Does it involve 2A winners as well? Anyway less talk about relegation play offs!


Jackie tyrell says no team can be missing 4 players.


Certainly a team like Dublin can’t anyway.


2.cian o Callaghan.
4.eoghan o donnell
7. Paul schutte
8.Rian Mc bride
9.niall mcmorrow
10.cian boland
11.colm Cronin
12.danny sutcliffe
13.eamonn dillon
14.mark schutte
15.cian o Sullivan

Goals in the forward line.

If we can’t get mark and paul schutte hurling for Dublin we may forget about it. 2015 mark was a devastating hurler. No reason why he can’t rediscover that form. Trollier was a marked man last year and still showed glimpses. Whereas in this forward line he’s probably going to be marked by the oppositions 3rd best back as opposed to their main back giving him more free reign.

On a panel of 26 you could be looking at a reserve from the pick of Gary maguire, Shane durkin , Shane Barrett , Jake Malone , david Treacy , sean treacy , james madden , Rian mcbride , Donal burke , fergal whitely , peter Kelly , paul ryan , Daragh o connell , Joseph boland , Keaney etc


Who would be a reliable free taker on that starting 15? Interesting to see Rushe at 3. That thought never entered my head.


Just think it might be worth trying him there. If it was to be a succes that it is one hell of a full back line.

Of that 15 it would probably be cian o Sullivan. Genuinely don’t think being on the frees helps Donal burke when he is Playing as he does seem to miss a few which doesn’t help his confidence. Paul ryan could easily force his way in to that forward line if on form and would take care of frees. On the same topic we badly need hit the net with penalties this year. I reckon we have missed our last 7 or 8. Burke / ryan / treacy have all missed them in recent times.


Eoghan conroy a player I forgot who I believe has loads to offer if he can churn out performances like he did in cork last year.

Also would it kill the county board to update us on players injuries when match day panels are announced ? Often you see teams from other counties with a list of players rehabbing from injury below the named panel referencing what injury they have. Just a thought.


Heard Hedgo may have broken his Thumb in the Offally game. Hopefully just a bad smack and nothing more. Would like to see him get a few more league games and see if he can get some form going into Champo


Erm. The walsh cup is over. This is the league. Wakey wakey!


haven’t got the coffee in just yet :stuck_out_tongue: insert league for Walsh cup and Champo for League. Either way, he could be gone for a few weeks


thanks, big lineup of players there - and mainly for 1-2 years away in terms of serious championship wins. But no need to despair…
two things that strike me - the older lads coming back in are almost certainly there to fill in gaps as needed, 20 mins here or there but not more really, and theres very little overlap with the team vs Offaly. A lot of that team are probably a year or two behind the lads mentioned above


So of your starting 15

Rushe and ODonnell coming back from injury. Rushe is not a full back. Moran and Schutte are wing backs. Whilst everyone keeps talking about McBride, and I think he’s a good young lad, he never seems to get a look in?? Why??
Boland may never hurl at this level he has missed so much through injury. I don’t even remember him playing club for the past 3 years when we have played them 2/3 times a year. Sutcliffe was briliiant, will he ever be again?? Who knows. Schutte needs to be 100% hurling. Jury out on OSullivan for me. Played at 6 on that minor team and struggled there. Not a long range free taker as folks talking about here. Great straight line speed but had a lot to do.

Barrett must be in that 15. Moran Rushe ( Darren Kelly ) Barrett half back line. OCallaghan ODonnell Schutte full back line.


He’s had poxy luck with injuries unfortunately. Said recently he hopes the most recent operation has sorted it for once and for all and that he can get back to college and club. When he makes that step then we can consider him for Dublin but he won’t be starting for dublin this summer i’d imagine. Whitley much more likely.


Great run by Barrett for the goal. Crummy?


Oh yeah, forgot about Crummy!!! How could I do that :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Maybe Moran to Midfield.


And that is a fact. But we’re talking about lads on here that may never play this year. Boland and Conroy. Folks keep talking about Chris Bennett.

We have what we have now and need to get on with it. 40 oddd players on a panel with the Cuala brigade to join yet. We need to start having the aul conveyor belt that the superstars have in order to be consistent.

If The current management can achieve that, then that will be progress.


Conroy injury that bad?


Five times (that I counted) on Saturday evening Fergal Whitely had the ball either in his hand or under control on his hurl and lost possession of it. FORB was first out to 3 or 4 balls played in low in front of him and couldn’t gain clean possession or get his shot away. They’re precisely the scenarios, on a decent dry pitch at that stage, in which an Intercounty forward should not lose possession. The armbands are off now, they’ve got to prove they can swim. Ronan Smith hardly touched the ball at all. Yes, they’re all young, have been very busy lately etc but their performance levels on Saturday were miles below the standard required for early season 1B hurling, let alone Championship, and were the single biggest problem we had.


In fairness, on Saturday most of them not could control the ball from hurl to hand to start with. Thought Whitely was poor and spent the second half static but if the lad had played twice in the previous week it’s hard to judge.