2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


Galway oneahead now


If we go out with again with that team from last night we will be looking at serious risk of dropping into 2A. That is a the weakest Dublin team we’ve had in 10-15 years. It’s only Gilroy’s first game but that was million miles off the standard that we should be able to reach even with Cuala players missing.


they’re letting lads get over knocks and scrapes etc, so as well as the cuala we’re down a lot players. Don’t panic yet. We’d have to lose to the top div2 team to go down and by then we’ll have a very different team available.


Agreed but it’s very poor start. After one game we’re now completely out of the running for promotion and facing the prospect of hidings from Galway & Limerick. Assuming we do manage to finish 4th (iffy assumption!) we then face prospect of hiding from team that finishes first in 1A. Already looking like 2018 is going to be writeoff.

Cuala lads and injured players will make a difference but strength of panel overall is weak. That presumably is something that Gilroy is trying to address but between recent challenge games, Walsh Cup and last night it’s clear we’re seriously short.


Antrim nearly snuck in for the win in the end, apparently Galway were just off the plane but still…


I’d say Galway could care less about t league this year. 1B doesn’t matter a damn anyway considering what they did last year. Would have been embarrassing but would have made no difference in the long term. Galway will be there in August. Antrim won’t.


He’s a perfect example of a player who should be eased in rather then thrown in. Last year he should have got 15-20 minutes at the end of matches against tiring opposition. But combination of cuala’s amazing run last year and this year and everything else means he’s starting all the time. Will come good though.


Beginning to seriously worry about him. A three year minor also playing for the best club in Dublin during his underage career thrown into senior inter county who looks tired and worn out. Bennett has already been lost. To lose Burke would be a total disaster. I really hope the damage hasn’t already been done.


Wasnt he playing fitzgibbon during the week, Thursday night?


Not playing anything at the moment. Still injured


He was and last Sunday. A lot in 6 days .


Ridiculous really.


Himself and Fergal played Monday and Thursday. Full Champo college games. I know Thursday was probobly a bit of a run out, but that’s a lot in 6 days. Both looked outta gas early in the second half last night.


Is ready for Cuala semi final I’m told


Ought to be, they’ll need him.


Antrim pushed Galway close today. Was kind of hopeful Galway would give them a good trimming. If only to help us in score difference come the final round in league.


Does anybody think the black card should be introduced to hurling ? I think it was Trollier through with a great goal chance on Saturday and he was hauled down by an Offaly defender. Take one for the team . . . yellow card


I know others won’t agree but for blatant ‘professional’ fouls I wouldn’t have a problem with it. bill o’Carroll would’ve got one as well for his rugby tackle penalty.


I hear what your saying. But lots of controversy in football over the same black card! A far better idea would be a penalty for any black card type offences. That would cut out the crap fairly quickly!


Would it though? A player bearing down on goal has a better chance of scoring than from a penalty unless you have a top peno taker like TJ Reid (or Offalys peno taker). I nearly think the black card is not enough of a deterrent in these situations. Players sacrifice themselves gladly if needed without the team losing a number on the field. In football very seldom do you have any complaints when a defender deliberately takes down the man going through on goal. It’s when it’s implemented for a drag down out the field that it becomes controversial IMO. In football, a lot of deliberate fouling happens out the field to stop a team getting a move going and allow players to regroup. The nature of hurling would mean it would be easier to implement in the clear goal chance scenarios.