2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


Was at the game tonight - pretty disappointing all around. I thought management were very slow to react but being realistic they did not have too many options on the bench.
Don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I thought there was very little interaction between Cunningham and Gilroy tonight.
I was sitting direct behind them and Cunningham sat on the bench all evening whereas Gilroy stood on the line.


Noticed it, but not surprised. Same as he was as a football manager… However, he was a football man, you’d hope he’s not making too many mistakes early doors. I have a certain amount of confidence that he will turn this around. He is a Dub GAA man and he has the best interests of Dub GAA, unlike the last incumbent! For me, we were missing a good bit of physicality and the lack of ball winning 1/2 forward was the biggest difference tonight, and for that alone, the young lad Dara Greay from Whitehall would have been a no brainer for me, unless he was injured? No idea. Anyway, not the end of the world. Pat’s early football managerial career wasn’t TNT either!


Feared the worst when we saw the team, still seem to be chopping around a lot, take Offaly for granted or don’t care about the league? I thought we had learned the lesson last year that you can’t pitch a bunch of inexperienced lads into this level all at the same time and expect them to hit the ground running.

Mind you, I didn’t think Offaly would dominate to that extent. It was men against boys at times. Offaly. Jesus. Don’t mind a clipping off Tipp or Galway but Offaly. The worrying thing is it only got worse the longer it went on, the subs didn’t really have a positive impact. Thought some of the fitzgibbon contingent looked jaded although i’m sure Offaly had a few playing the other night as well.

Going to need the injured lads back sooner than later. Get a bit more experience back in there. Not one for knee jerk reactions but that’s not the competitive start anyone wanted for this regime.




We looked totally clueless by times…in fact most of the time!!!
Long looping clearances by players who never looked where they were clearing the ball to.
There didn’t seem to be any sort of a game plan apart from pumping high balls into where Trollier was playing. He did ok but needs quality ball…he didn’t get quality ball.


First time poster, long time reader. Like most of ye I was hoping for the best when Gilroy was announced as manager but I had my reservations. When the team was announced to face the BIFFO’S my fears grew stronger. If we’re honest we don’t have a big selection of top class hurlers, but when I saw that we were sending out good club hurlers to play county I feared the worst. A div.3 county hammered us…fair play to them, but when they meet a proper hurling county they will get destroyed…so what will happen us when we meet a Galway or tipp??? I get so annoyed when lads say we’re “athlethic but don’t have he skills” but after watching the match today, are they right?


It can take top quality players time to adapt to this level, ideally they play in a team surrounded by lads who know the ropes, so they can learn and adapt as smoothly as possible. This is not Dublin football where you can get away with throwing a bunch of promising guys in for their first league start together. It’s asking for trouble.

What a shambles. but these kinds of performances can happen in the league. Gilroy has his work cut out now already, the honeymoon is over sooner then expected.


… and playing a fecking sweeper when so far behind is infuriating. I know the league is to try things out but it is nonsensical to persist with it when it’s not working.

Did Gilroy speak to Eir afterwards?


Dublin have really slipped back in last 5 years.
This is not a quick fix either. Players that are to come in will bring up the standard but not to the extent of being able to win silverware.


That’s a great point. Whatever about the young players just being caught in the headlights etc that can happen. If was also like a World Cup final for Offaly. The worrying thing is we persisted with a sweeper. It’s hurling, it wasn’t working and we persisted with it. No matter what nice slant we put on it when this team gives us great days we will all rejoice but when nights like last night happen people will question and analyse the actual hurling ability of Pat and his backroom and rightly so. Micky Whelan is almost 80 years of age and Cunningham was never an ‘in game’ great. That’s the only hurling experience there. It’s why hurling people will question and did question it all.


Just playing devils advocate here a small bit. We had 9 debutantes last night. Were coming off an extremely low base, thanks mainly to a lack of intervention by the DCB during the previous managers reign.

Galway never had to get out of second gear to beat us by double digits in Leinster last year. And Tipp sent us packing with an absolute mauling after that. We’ve had lots of the departed return already, though few lined out last night. Time will tell how effective Danny et al can be after missing so much high level hurling.

We should have appointed Kenny obviously, but in fairness to Gilroy, his hands were mostly tied last night with personnel being unavailable.

Looks like second tier hurling for a few years. But it’s all about levels and that’s our level unfortunately at present. Hopefully we can rally and reach a QF in the league and take our season from there. Dare I mention the missing Cuala lads also?

That wasn’t a reply just to Tayto!


He has every hurler and their mother available and out bar Cuala? Panel is 45 plus?


But where are O’Donnell, Rushe, Ryan, Durkin, Danny … even lads like Daire Grey & Mahon who had done really well till now. Fair enough he’s leaving lads get over injuries, and giving more lads a run which is good in the long run, but minus the cuala lads as well his options are limited enough. Just in a game that one sided you’d wonder does anyone learn anything.


O Donnell, Gray etc played midweek for DCU. Gray was on panel and not used as was Kelly and Mahon?
Danny I’m not sure on and Shane is injured. But so does every panel? It will be a long year of excuses if we go that direction.
We will beat Offaly well in June( see my last prediction🙈) but that’s not my point. My point is last night was the start of the Gilroy era, a chance to blood young players and perform, a chance to win against a team that hasn’t beaten us since??? It fell flat on its face imo.


Wouldn’t go that far, but i’d say they felt we were taking them for granted. Always had a big team in recent times but they seems to have trimmed down a bit which they really needed to.


Yea agree we can’t make excuses but in terms of the lineup Gilroy’s hands were tied to some respect. League is going to be difficult now. Limerick & Galway looks a lot more daunting after that but after our horror show first round last year we gave a great performance v cork the following week.


We should beat them, but we won’t if we play a sweeper for the whole game and leave them space to pick off long range scores at will.


Antrim next week will get us back on the horse but nothing more. But it will be a start.


After yesterday i’m taking nothing for granted.


Apologies, I meant last night. It’s early Sunday, brain a bit foggy. Seemed we had a big injury/unavailable list? Atleast I hope we had, or why would he play 9 debutantes.