2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


Very pedestrian game we just played to a decent training game level. Dont like loosing so would of been happy with a draw. We had 3 great goal scoring opportunities one for Phlly an two for James and didnt even get a point from them which we need to be getting something from the chances created. Comerford did well his kick outs were very good. Davy Byrne continues to impress and has had a very good league. Howard very good again today. Costello tried hard worked hard with little reward but the game will bring him on. Fenton should have kept possession near the end instead of hoofing a big high ball into the square it was the loosing of the game as far as I’m concerned.

Roll on next weekend, Kilkenny back to dictate things, Johnny back to bring his enthusiasm and drive from defence. MDMC to start. Andrew to start in full forward for us to win by 5/6 points.


Disappointed with that too , very unlike him but he must have seen something was on .


You’d miss Kilkenny in game like today’s.


There was a man inside but he overcooked the pass. He did some great things though and is such a lovely player to watch. He took a great mark and 30 seconds later was sticking the ball over the bar. Brian H too is to the manor born and is full of tricks with his nimble movement. The two were unafraid to take on big shots near the end and stick them over - a good sign.


He was attempting a pass to Basquel I think but it obviously went awry . Had a good view of it from the lower tier of the cusack but hammerdub is correct , the right thing would have been to work for a better shot . But sure Fenton is generally flawless so we ll let him off only this once now!!!


Some good, some bad but hard to be too disappointed in what was a dead rubber played at pedestrian speed.

Didn’t take a few goal chances, but then Monaghan hit some bad wides.

McManus is a super footballer, would start for Dublin all day long.

Some lads might need another year on the panel before their time comes. Not Howard though, looks the part and kicked a peach late on.

Lot of the Monaghan threat came down the Cusack side in the first half, whatever was going on there.

Fenton overhit it towards the end. It was on so what can you do. One thing is certain this team learn fast so in a similar situation later this year he’ll either hit the man or hold possession.

Lot of loose handpasses again, same as last week. Expect to see that tighten up next week. We should beat Galway in the space of Croke Park but then again, they’re a good side.


All I hope is that @whatever and I don’t have to sit near the clowns we had right behind us. Criticized every bit of poor Dublin play by cursing & abusing the players. I am sure they would be Messi-like on the pitch themselves.


Some awful gobshites about, losing their shit while Dublin try work space for a score while down a man. Some people are wrapped too tightly for sport, probably wrapped too tightly for life.


Howard hit one magnificent pass into Scully who didn’t manage to offload and a goal chance was missed. Scully also took a point very early when he was in one on one. One very noticeable thing today was the complete absence of running off the shoulder. I reckon lads were told not to worry about that this week so as not to over show our hand to Galway. Next Sunday will be very different I’m sure.


Yep. Was treated more as a run out than anything else


Don t think Jim Gavin operates that way , he wants the players to do the right thing irrespective of the games status. Dead rubber or not I d say he gave a few players something to chew over and rightly so. You’re dead right about our lack of movement, very noticeable. Too many players soloing into Packs of Monaghan defenders.


Only 3 points from play from our starting six forwards today (2 for Rock, 1 for Scully).

We didn’t seem to have anyone running the forwards ala Kilkenny. I think Kev tried to play that role, but it didn’t really work.


Yeah we really ‘cured’ this last year - esp v Tyrone by not taking the bell into contact. Today we lost a huge amount - Kev Mc!!! - of ball - some of which were frees but we rarely get these frees. So best thing is not to take it into contact!


Luckily for us Bank of Ireland are on the case …


I thought Gough was poor today for Dublin. I’m not normally one for giving a ref grief but anything that was 50/50 Monaghan, I think we only got what was only a dead cert.
One thing that frustrated me was the amount of times we got pulled for touching the ball on the ground and they were all the right call, that’s ridiculous at this level


Aye. And near the end Dean Rock was being literally assaulted in front of the linesman and was appealing to him … but he couldn’t give a sh1t quite frankly.


Stupid headline all right.

I’m sure the bookies aren’t revising the odds of the AI following a dead rubber game…no more than they are after Kerry were beat today.

Today’s games will be meaningless come August.


Massive thing to take out of this game and last week also is how poor we were. A few good performances also noted above, Howard, comerford the 2 stand outs, mc Hugh and Costello also stood out to for the wrong reasons.

Hope what a difference a week makes


Being honest , I think he is up there with one of the best forwards I’ve ever seen . Everything is just so natural & easy for him , whether off left or right . You throw him into that Mayo team , you’d be hard pressed to say they wouldn’t have won an AI by now . Him & McBrearty are stunning when on form .


McManus had a number of very uncharacteristic misses today though … they probably should’ve been out of sight.

Philly hit a real beaut in the 2nd half too - he loves to bend one over off the outside of his right boot.