2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


Games was entertaining at least. Better than last week’s muck.


It was disappointing that some of the fringe players didn’t play better; but like I said earlier, some of the them seemed to be trying too hard to impress.

Kevin Mc in particular looked gutted going off. Nothing he did really work today. He was trying to spray a lot of fancy passes around - not known forte of his. I’m sure he’ll still get a chance come the summer.

Fair play to Monaghan - they struck while the iron was hot. I’m sure this will help them a good bit if they make it to the QFs again. Their number 2 was stunningly cheeky. He was waiting to come on as a sub. The ball came within 10 metres of the sideline and he decided to join the action. He received a yellow card instantly. Surely this should be added to black card offenses.


Wtf :neutral_face:


HI remember a Tyrone player doing this in the “puke football” semi final. It went unnoticed until the Sunday game that evening.


From where I was it looked like Philly has him in a headlock


Monaghan full value and should of been by more really. Second goal conceded was poor. Shame none of Costello or McHugh really got into it.

Resurgent McCauley and Howard are the league main wins imo.

Dublin are not the same team without Kilkenny either.


Don’t know about that , had they not got the goal we probably would have won with a bit to spare . It completely changed the last 10 minutes of the game . We were two up & then had to chase them .


Correct , crucial we got MDMA playing with any form .
My new man crush is Brian Howard , sorry Scully :kissing_heart:


In fairness Monaghan had a lot of wides. Now some of them were brain dead attempts from distance but a lot of them were scoreable. Their second goal was lucky but I don’t think we did enough to feel too sore about the result.


Didn’t see that. Philly is normally smarter.


No real ground for complaints, Gough was nt great but seen worse refereeing displays. We need to finish off the goal chances we create. Overall any bit of complacency should be knocked out of us. Philly needs to sharpen up for the super8s and Howard is first 15 material.


Disappointing performance. Nobody was outright bad but nobody (bar maybe Howard) really seemed to give close to 100%. This game had all the intensity of a challenge match.

I feel the lads could really do with putting in a strong performance next week. The last two weeks have been subpar and it will be a while before we get another truly competitive game.


We may have but they also kicked a lot away and had no real issues creating chances. It wasn’t a match of any intensity really. A good run out.


This game was a right off before it started so wouldnt be drawing too many negatives from it .
The motivation was never going to be there . Eye is on next week. He gave alot if the fringe players game time .
Jim may surprise us all & play DC in the final . Maybe if I say it enough I’ll wish it into existence.
What it did show was a glimpse into the future .
None if the following


RTE headline …

Late winner gives Monaghan famous win over Dublin

Famous …


We had a few come off the posts too .
Look it’s all ifs, ands or but(sys).
I wasn’t disappointed leaving , that’s for sure !


Jesus you wouldn’t think it was a dead rubber game :roll_eyes:


Ex Ard S near me … you’d think they won Sam. Ah sure …


i think diarmo would surely be hurling by now if there was anything going on. i’d say jim has just resigned himself to him always being targeted and the best way to keep him eligible for when we really need him is to keep him off the field this year until the match matters. that seemed to be the approach last year too. wouldn’t be surprised to see him named as a sub for the final.


I thought that was a positive game for Costello. He was a threat throughout. Davy Byrne also impressive. Comerford’s kickouts were really, really good. Howard though was our best throughout.

Without the sending off we probably would have won. We didn’t seem to adjust i the time left and they found free men from their kickouts too easily.

But we have been a late goal away from losing a lot of league games, and I guess it finally had to come.