2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


Same stuff in the tipp Cavan match. Cavan score, enough for them, whilstle blows. Tipp furious.


One of the best sports administrators ever, in my opinion. What he and John Costelloe have achieved really goes to show what schiesters John Delaney and Pat Hickey are.


McAuley has been great and id imagine he will get starts. But in the business end I think it’s Fenton and James with Mick as a serious addition from the bench. 70 mins is a big ask the way he is most effective. I’m not a big fan of starting guaranteed substitutions. They are much better introduced.

We are going to need McAuley at the top of his game.


I agree with what your saying but is he not at the top of his game now ?

    I don't feel hard done by as there are several teams that have been the victim of this type of refereeing down the years.  i also don't think there is any prejudice towards one particular county over the longer term (we don't like dublin so let's try and stop them winning all-irelands). what i do believe is that the more money-focused the GAA has gotten over the last 30 years or so, the more often it appears that certain games are being reffed according to an agenda.  we've had the "draw the games, draw the crowds, draw the yo-yos" mentality for many years now and i don't think anyone can deny this is part of the mindset of the suits- the super 8s is really more of the same, extra games means extra cash.
    Then, of course, we have the games on tv and the temptation to keep them close so that they are entertaining.  it just happens too often that a team gets 5 points up and all the decisions start going the other way.  again, nothing to do with dublin in particular but the fermanagh game a few years back was a particularly farcical example.  
  some other team (possibly galway) will get their golden era over the next few years and will have to deal with this sh*t on a regular basis but at the moment it is us because we are on top and are winning so much its becoming a bit of a headache for the top-brass. they can't split dublin cos they'll lose their cash-cow but they can't have us winning everything all the time or the attendances will go to shit.  so what does a man of reasonable life-experience think they might be tempted to do?


I’m boggled a little on this one to be honest, MDMA mixes things up and causes a bit of upset to the opposition but there’s a fair bit of crazy horse about him too moreso lately. The young one was over with him for a photo at the Dubs at the Dogs thingy and I got her to ask him was he coming back next year (2018) he said “I don’t know yet” we had James in the middle with Fento from about the Leinster semi or final last year (could be wrong, give or take a game) McCarthy plays the best I’ve seen him, gets man of the match in the final (I know he moved positions 2-3 times in the game tho) gets an all star and did he get our player of the year too? (Shame on me not knowing!) anyway that was all from the middle of the park, then from the word go this year its MDMA in the middle and Jemsie back in the backs, McCarthy is rareing up the field like when he was in midfield which is leaving us exposed at the back a little now, I feel the balance is gone a bit, most lads saying do MDMA and Fento but I think we’re missing out by doing it. I love Micko but he’s not our best player in there and not in there with the future in mind so I Can’t even say the jury’s out on it, I think we’ve got this wrong


McCarthy will be in the middle when it heats up. Fenton and him are the best pairing in the country at the moment. MacAuley to be an impact player, and a potent one at that.


Yeah @christo - I’m only calling this for next Sunday and would be thinking along @_TL lines above. Would rather see Jamesy at 6 with Cian out injured. We can see how Summer progresses … if we can get out of Leinster …


Have to say our best balance around the middle is Fento, a full-throttle MDMA, with behind them James, and Jack coming through, linking etc, also from a defensive viewpoint. And Connolly, and Ck (and even Con now) coming deep. The only issue is Mick’s ability to last the pace.


Brian Howard is ridiculously good fielder for his size. Wouldn’t hesitate putting him in beside Fento if needs be


Smaller men shouldn’t be able to catch the ball over their heads? :wink:


No I mean his ability to win the ball clean when up against taller men


I’m a very tall men and over the years lots of smaller men have been able to win lots of clean ball off me


Enough about what you get up to at the weekends


Don’t beat yourself up. those lads probably knew how to play football… just look at Philly marking Aido! :slight_smile: