2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


Completely forgot about his first point. Was a beauty too.


I’d give comerford the offaly/wicklow match tbf, and if things are going well a subs role in the semi final as well. With the super eights you can do that and still SC will have the same number of championship games if we get to september as last year.

I am very glad to hear about his kickouts, i think someone posted last week that he was slow getting them away, how did that go yesterday?

Was annoyed to hear some element of the dublin fans giving him stick - they were probably the same calling for Cluxtons head at the same age so at least they are consistant…


They were excellent. I’d say he found his man over 90 percent of the time and some of them landed between the 45 and 65.


a couple of points on the reffing- for me we have already had decisions go against us that cost us an all-ireland and that would be the cork game in 2010. i believe we would have beaten down had we progressed. i dont believe there is any conspiracy against dublin but there is 100% definitely pressure on refs to favour the losing team and keep games tight so they look good on de telly and so the rights can be charged accordingly. there are other little sub-plots going on as well as anyone who witnessed the diarmo pantomine last year will know- very obvious interference at the highest level. that’s not to say the dubs haven’t benefited on occasion to, its generally accepted we got the rub of the green for our break-out sam in 2011 and also that the “powers that be” favoured the idea of a jackeeen win that year. is there any chance some time this century that uachtaran CLG might be a dub?


How much time have you got? Many in Armagh look at Fermanagh’s ambush of us in the quarter-final of 2004 as the day we let slip our real opportunity for a much coveted second All Ireland title. We raced into an early 5-1 lead and were absolutely cruising, but John Bannon began to give Fermanagh a series of handy frees which kept them in touch. At the time it did not seem to matter but when Enda McNulty got sent off, suddenly we were still within distance when Fermanagh started their comeback.

The point is - I do think that a lot of referees will subconsciously favour the underdog - it does not just happen Dublin and it is not a recent phenomenon.


The bunching in the centre tactic for our kick out before splitting was interesting. If it is used during the business end it will be a war zone.


i agree completely rufus. in fact the worst example i can think of was 4 or 5 years back where a cork-kerry munster final was sent to a replay cos the ref wouldn’t let cork win and kept giving kerra handy frees to keep them level. guess who won the replay?


Went very well from a quickness point of view also. In fact he was that quick that he had to take some of them twice in the 1st half as the Ref stopped play because there was a 2nd ball on the pitch. The ball from the Monaghan shot/point had hit the clear plastic fence at the Hill and bounced back onto the field.

It was also good to note that he was as successful with the second kicks as he was with the first and usually found a different man.


correction, i dont “completely” agree with rufus cos i dont think there is anything “sub-conscious” about that part of refereeing.


I’ll only accept him getting a start for us when he gets his kicks away so fast that he also gets out the field and collects them himself. Maybe scores a point or two from play now and then as well, just so the oppo’s central full forward doesn’t get comfortable in defence.


wasnt that the wind up cluxton used after the all ireland final? he only kicks the ball out, not up to him to catch them :rofl:


Agree on Howard, Very Connolly esque type player, his spinning away off his marker point was very Connolly.

Considering injuries and absent players, at this moment definite starter for championship.


I’d have him in a full strength starting 15, to be honest.


Just to be clear on this. Comerford can’t start until he has done all of the above, although to do so he has to be on the pitch. Therefore you are asking for Cluxton to start and then be subbed for Comerford in every match until he completes the above task?

You better send in a request to Jim to make that happen :rofl::rofl:


Very interesting and fairly new. Other teams have tried it before though with limited success, although it seems a very difficult thing to counter.

But in general I thought there was way more movement yesterday then normal.


If he is doing it in training matches then “he won’t meet anything tougher than that in any real game”… :roll_eyes:


Mightn’t “meet” anything tougher but without the critical gaze of his hardest critics, the Reservoir Dubs Community, watching his every move, sure there’s no real pressure at all in training matches




Yes. No. Wait, what?


He has so much pull now, he’s even managed to get a train station built at his own club. ■■■■■■■!