2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


its consistent with others then there is nothing to be aggrieved about.


You seem to have a lot of rumours floating around today, why not just post facts rather than rumours:wink:


I posted a Rumours link in the Good Music thread yesterday…



That’s grand - what is it till our first championship game? 12 weeks?


When are the other cases up for bans?


16 weeks to the first meaningful championship game, you’d imagine.


I wonder will Andy Moran get the same?


Well all depends on what Deegan had in his report . If he deemed the matter was dealt with issueing the black card , that will be that . Again , I think Andy shaking his hand will probably result in him not reporting on it . Very clever from Andy I must add .


it wouldn’t be right to punish the best footballer in the country, but he carried on like a mor0n


You could add:

  • You don’t kick your kickout out for a 45.

Kerry revolutionised the game in that regard.


That’s gas.


Yes. Agree. Rules… one mans salt and another mans sugar. After you shake their hand of course.


Just out of curiousity would it have been a black card for the galway lad swinging out of Kilkenny if Kilkenny tried to run away in an attempt to receive a pass and not get involved in the handbags. Is the black card irrespective of being on the playing field or not? To me it’s cycnical foul if the man is trying to get loose for a pass


Might be cynical but its not a black card.


Thought the same the moment I saw it. Would imagine he’d realised that he’d stepped over the line immediately. Damage limitation began right there, I think.


But you cannot have mitigating circumstances in cases like this - it is bloody nonsense! They’ll be handing the ref character witness statements as they depart if this continues.


Must… resist… smartarse…reply…


Sure DT will be grand, long as he shakes Muellers hand. Then we close that damn thread, it’s petering out anyway.