2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Can we ban any talk of 5 In a row pls !!!


Absolutely. Five in a row was the target of lesser teams.

Dubs for the 7-in-a-row.


Indeed. Shit like that tends to blow up in your face, let’s just focus on this year and leave the nonsense to the shitheads.


Yes. The Kerry lady beside me at the recent game mentioned the 4 in a row at the end. I told her the four in a row doesn’t cross my mind … I want at least the five. She went white.


Last talk of winning anymore but this year if we do win it will be a case that Mayo had to many miles on the clock and Kerry are transition and JG is doping his dog.

We should have a ban on talking about the media because it a waste of time. We are going to begrudge us anything we do and how we do it.


Think we need to just focus on the next game & stcking to the process :blush:


What about dublin Joe’s heroic performance


Irrelevant, McNally hasn’t played in years.


No need for that here, he does not favour us


This is going to be a very pivotal year though. All the big teams are transitioning, well Mayo not so much, but they should be. But the team that does it best could begin a new run.

This could be Gavin’s chance to start building a new team and still be successful. We could well have six forwards like Howard, Kilkenny, Scully, Costello, O Callaghan and Mannion. All of those are 24 and under I think.


That’s scary. Add Fenton, John Small, jack, Eric, Davy Byrne & who am I forgetting all 24 r under. Still a few good years ahead.


Don’t you mean Maccer?
Anyway if we get to the All-I final. And if we win this year’s All-I. And if it’s not Kerry or Mayo against us, the whole National “GAA is ruined” meltdown storm will make what’s been heard so far look like a mild debate about the environment in primary school nature study class.


Is that the last time your missus will insist on going to a game with you?


Galway are already being fitted for the Green Jacket elect, otherwise known as The People’s Champions Suit.


Nah, they are too defensive. If it comes down to us or them, many in the media will reluctantly back us due to playing “the right way”. There has already been some attacks in the media on their style of play for not being the proper Galway way.


Galway have good attacking talent and tradition, and will open up if and when they make progress, regardless of what sort of game the league final turns out


I think the definition of what is attacking and what is defensive football is unclear. The 13 men behind the ball thing is bit simplistic to have as the definition of defensive. If the opposition has the ball and a player is not involved in trying to get it back, the question could be asked why is he on the field. The old days of six forwards standing looking at the other guys trying to win the ball back are gone, and in hindsight it was crazy stuff.

For me, its about where it happens, not the numbers involved. A defensive team is one that withdraws the 13 / 14 players behind the 45 once the opposition has the ball and doesn’t try to turn it over out the field. Tyrone and Galway are doing this currently, but not many other teams. Dublin are one of the most attacking teams of all time, but if the opposition have penetrated the half, 4 or 5 forwards are not going to stand there looking at them. Likewise the opposition defenders are going to try and overlap and can’t be let run up the field untracked.

Having said all that, I think it needs a rule tweak to stop so many players going behind the ball. The logical conclusion has now happened, and a team that has a lead is simply not going to attack a defensive team that needs to score. Someday that is going to lead to two lads hand passing the ball to each other on the half way line for 45 minutes.

Football was full of strange anomalies that are slowly getting ironed out. It would have happened faster in a professional game. It isn’t so long since we thought the following -

  • You don’t kick the ball out to your own player.
  • You don’t help your defenders defend.
  • Prior the black card - you could stop any attack at source just by fouling and the only punishment was a free against you in your own half.
  • Prior the mark, you picked your two biggest guys and best fielders for mid field to execute a skill (high catching) that was nearly pointless as you invariably turned the ball over when you landed.


Very good post WiFi, points made very well. Only thing I disagree with is your suggestion about a rule limiting players getting behind the ball. That’s adding rules to a game that has more than enough of rules as it is. It’s up to teams to pick their style and the challenge is seeing can you overcome the opposition s style. That’s why I enjoyed Dublin s dismantling of Tyrone last year. Tactically and technically brilliant and the great Dublin attacking flair thrown in for good measure.


Only to be told that he would never have scored the winning goal if he didn’t have rich Kerry blood in his veins.


We cant condone what Jayo did. Rumour has it he is being hit with a 3 month ban ?