2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


was down at the match Sunday, very lethargic performance in the first half by the Dubs there was no drive through the middle even when a small bit of space opened up. Lownes had a few chances and hand passed to Rock in the corner then back out we came and across the field albeit with Galway positioning 15 behind the ball.
Second half was a bit better, obviously the weather playing its part.
Couldnt help feeling that JG was keeping his powder dry, we lacked real intensity and only when we went 2 behind late on did the urgency kick in.
Match officials were certainly to blame for the schmozzles, Dubs are no angels but how can Cooper get a yellow card when he is running for a kick out and is being held, CK being dragged back when running for a kick out but its he whom is depicted as the agressor in the media.
Galway tactics of lying on the ball in the 2nd half twice in a few minutes for sidelines to Dublin were some of the things Dublin Joe let go, if he intervened immediately we may not have had the fracas that ensued. Galway to improve with their full contingent as will Dublin, hopefully we wont see another poor performance in the league final


We were shooting in to a savage wind in the first half. We warmed up there too so would have been well aware of it. I reckon Jim had instructed the lads not to shoot away possession and only take it on if we were well within range. Whatever it was, Jim seemed happy enough with how the first half panned out as no instruction to change anything came from the sideline. We were also missing the penetration inside from Mannion and Kevin Mc, which might have changed how we approached the game.

But there’s also truth in what you say about Jim keeping his powder dry. Galway will have learned nothing from how we restart games with Comerford rather than Cluxton in goal. Big difference in 2 weeks time.


I’d agree100% , but clammering for pound of flesh of Andy Moran and a 12 week ban does no one any good. Makes us look like hypocrits. Id agree the silence from certain journos should be highlighted. The doule standards applied against us is disgraceful at times .
Dermo’s length of ban was extreme, so would a long ban be for Andy Moran.
I’d rather Dubs rose above it ,
We have the team that’s what matters.


Don’t agree. I don’t think many had a problem with Dermo’s ban at all - it was just the way it was orchestrated - basically a media witch hunt. I’m not clamouring for a pound of flesh - just genuinely asking where is the consistency. I think Dublin fans are entitled to ask that question.


Galway I don’t feel will improve significantly with the new lads intoduced unless they are fully aware of the system they are playing. That system is like a defence in rugby,if one man is not where he is meant to be the whole thing falls apart. Also on that point it is slightly easier to play that system when you are not in the expanse of croke park.
As you said Galway have learned nothing about how we play and they will learn even less watching the Monaghan game as well. Our game revolves around our restarts. I don’t think comerford has the accuracy to ping a 60 yard pass within 5 seconds of the opposition scoring the way cluxton does.


I was annoyed at Dermo at the time, but I still thought length of ban was extreme as did a lot of Dubs. I just don’t see the point in wanting a 12 week ban for AM just so we can feel a bit better about getting consistency.
Because we won’t.
As I say . I agree on the double standards and that needs to be highlighted.
I’m not referencing you Dub09.
More the jumping around by some on social media demanding justice.


There isn’t any.

Happy now? :wink:


I don’t want Moran to get a ban, but I would like some logical explanation as to why he isn’t going to get one, and if all the powers that be can do is cling onto the fact that the supposedly the ref took action, well IMO that is coping out.
It is not about Moran, Dermo, Mayo or Dublin, it is about players being left wondering as to what they can expect if they become involved in an incident and what exactly is the criteria for deciding if they get a ban or not. I mean lads that have been banned for similar incidents must be wondering this week, why me and not him?


It might be a cop out in your opinion but that will likely be the reason for nothing being done.


It was the shaking of the hand , Andy & Deegan are both freemasons but didn’t realise it til they shook hands .


Not sure i’d blame Spillane. He only wanted DC suspended as he had a vested interest in seeing one of Dublins key players suspended in high season. Seeing AM miss a few early provincial games is of little consequence to him. That’s what your reasoning with here. I don’t particularly like Brolly but he called out what everyone was thinking and these guys know they have influence which is in itself another huge wrong.

The real blame lies with RTE for failing to improve their standard of pundits. Pat will never change, he could barely speak after some Dublin Kerry games due to the levels of emotional investment.


Now imagine what he’ll look like the moment we take his “legacy” off him, but outdoing what he on the-greatest-team-ever did.

I remember the smug grin on his face @half time in Thurles 2001, and how livid he looked at full time. It will be x10000000 that.


He was worse when Tyrone beat Kerry in the noughties. Only short of crying on live air with snide remarks of blanket defences and puke football. Sure when Cork beat Tyrone in 2009 he had a big happy head on him and proclaimed Kerry were the team of the decade.


what will be awsome this year will be to have mayo relegated and then lose in the provincials and then lose to Carlow in the All ireland, the Dubs to march on to 4 in a row beating Kerry in the semi-final or Final whatever, it doesnt matter, with mayo gone early the pity brigade will have no tears to dilute their ink when writing rubbish about deserving to win an All Ireland and the well will be well and truly dry at that stafge. These are the things dreams are made of.


In fairness. I wouldn’t mind a year off from playing Mayo and/or Kerry. A year off from being in the sights of The Kerry Media Mafia and/or the Mayo Pity Party Brigade, would be luverly.

Imagine being treated on our merits alone & not being subjected to yet more outraged indignation that we had robbed The Keepers of The Flame or De Peepuls Champion of their shot of glory?

If the worst thing we get accused of, is winning a handy, or a soft All Ireland, then so be it. I can live with that.

We can save bating Kerry next, when we do the 5 in a row in the 2019, with Berno scoring the winning goal in the final. Works for me !


It’s great we have the 5 in a row sewn up. Where will we have the victory parade? Will u2 play at it. I ve printed a load of t shirts and have a 5 in a row song ready for release.


U2? They will like ■■■■.


I dunno. Is the dulcet tones of Ballymuns Glasnevin Norths favourite son belting out Beautiful Day, not a part & parcel of victorious All Ireland final days now?

He has as much right to be there as the Black Eyed Pea chungwan.


Possibly to be replaced this year by the Galway Groaners, … if the crap we had to listen to on Sunday is anything to go by :wink:


They’d throw their lot in behind anyone we play then . There is no ESCAPE !