2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Who reported that? Have you a link? I’m not defending what happened to DC. Quite the opposite. If there was corruption and collusion then I want to know who it was.


the suits are rattled by the success of the dublin team and and are anxious to have a different team up in the hogan in september so we cant expect fairness, objectivity or consistency in any decisions now involving dublin players. yes, another conspiracy…


Alan your sensitivity re anything negative around Gaa administration is too much. I have my views based on what is commonly acknowledged & reported as happened. If you disagree that’s fine but I ain’t getting into detailed debate with you on it.

Would have expected your club and club mate would come before your ardent support of the inconsistent & often times ufair GAA administration of justice.


alan, if you believe the whole connolly process was straight and by the book last year, i’d have worries for your sanity. it stank to the core. as for corruption and collusion in the gaa, will ya stop?? why do you think the losing team in any televised game gets most of the decisions? its in every sport and the gaa are far from the worst but holier than thou they are not.


So you’ve no link then?

The unfairness of the system does not give people the right to accuse others without proof.


Will ya stop. I’m not going searching out links for you. If you’re that concerned that I’m wrong go do a search yourself.


Well they won’t have Mayo up there so being consistent with Moran wouldn’t do them any harm.

@cilles16 I think you may be correct in that the ref took action and was part of why they cited DC, however my thinking that inaction is also an action. Never going to swallow there was not something in the DC suspension though , that’s just opinion before anyone loses control


The DRA decision three years ago as well as few other incidents over the years ( '11 semi ) was what sealed it for DC last summer . He got off a few times but they weren’t having any of it last year , they wanted that to stick where there could be no doubt he broke the rules .


That the kind of post thats consitant with Mayoblog. Dont need to stoop to that


Horsebox we’ve been here before, let’s not have a repeat of what happened the last time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Look lets not loose the run of ourselves here.

We thought 12 weeks for Dermo was over the top and unfair. (it was) Now some are calling for Moran get 12 weeks. How can that be fair. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

When you look at the incident itself it was pretty harmless compared to some of the other “tackles” that forced players to go off injured and what did the culprit get in these cases , a yellow or a black card. ?? crazy system of justice .


It is indeed. But the hypocrisy and inconsistency needs to be highlighted all the same.


Particularly the witch hunt by certain panellists on the Sunday Game which was more prevalent in one incident compared to another.


If it’s unfair - then get the rule changed, instead of applying it piece-meal in an inconstant manner. Andy escaping sanction does make make things right - you could easily argue, it makes things worse. To allow some players to escape sanction is bad for a number of reasons:

  1. It is unfair to those who have been sanctioned for similar offences.
  2. It sets a precedent for how you can interact with an official. Until now it has been a clear line in the sand - touch one and suffer the consequences. Now, it seems, there is “wiggle room”.
  3. It creates an atmosphere of uncertainty. Instead of clear direction (what rules are supposed to do), we have a state whereby you may get away with something, if your old school teacher gives you a character reference during a DRA hearing. Consistent application of fair rules - nothing more, but nothing less.

Firstly, several things were wrong with the officiating of this game. That does not for one second mean that you deal with only the one with the worst outcome. Referees make mistakes in every game, and unless there is a review and corrective process in place, the standard will not get better - how can it? IMHO, the best way to make sure these kind of issues don’t arise is to introduce a Video Official.

However, the issue of Andy’s actions concerns itself with mechanisms outside of the game itself. Andy may very well get off scott free, and if he does, that’s not his fault. Our umbrage should with a process that allows that, while sanctioning others for the same type of action.

Also, f**k Spillane. Preaching from the rule book for one, deathly silent for another. He is literally the embodiment of what is wrong with the GAA.


i have it on good authority that he was actually in the Hogan in the posh seats




ah yer right how dare me speak me mind or say a bad word about Andrew, a lovely lad,


No issue at all if you need to critique him as a footballer or what he does on pitch…but I think in most people’s eyes, he seems genuine guy.
If you need to critique him otherwise, that’s your prerogative to do so.
We need not go back and forth on it. We’ll agree to disagree.


Yer right I dont know what I was thinkin, and I honestly hope he gets player of the year again


Very magnanimous of you…though if mayo get relegated, I’m thinking they’ll have to give it to one of mayo lads who didn’t play in the league.