2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


The very guy…His issue was the refixing for 24hours at same venue


beside me on the hill


Out or curiousity has anyone seen anything on Andy Moran barging into the ref yesterday


10 times worse than what dermo did, but that will be just swept under the carpet. Andrew the moron should get 12 wks, but with little leeroy and o conor injured now I cant see that happen . aahh poor mayo. Arse


Ya I didn’t see Pat doing a jig to bring attention to it either.


Very little. Hogan stand finally put up an article about it, more or less just pointing out that some Dubs are comparing it to the DC incident last year, but they didn’t call for anything to be done about it either.


They do however have article up more or less stating that Sherlock should be suspended! They don’t even attempt to hide the hypocrisy of this.

Moran will get away with this for 4 reasons:

  1. He’s not a Dub!
  2. Ref will say he dealt with it and won’t go changing his match report as Brannigan did. Scurrilous stuff that was by Brannigan & the GAA
  3. Andy is a nice fella from poor oul God love em, up their own rearends Mayo!
  4. He’s not a Dub!

GAA justice & fairness my arse!


What makes you think he’s a moron?


Jesus have some consideration for the poor Res Dub moderators & don’t start that one again :grinning::grinning:


I just think it’s unfortunate the need to personalize the abuse to amateur players. I’ve met the guy and genuine guy who’s had the ability to set up his own business…admire him for that and being able to come back year after year to run into era of Dublin juggernaut


I fully agree. Not sure why anyone would have particular issue with Moran?? He’s a fine player who has been top inter county player over many years. I don’t like Mayo and s number of their players but Andy Moran is one I admire / have no issue with


Well said lads. Fully agree with not personalizing the issue. It’s the officialdom that’s hypocritical not the player.


anywhere to watch this back?


You might want to have a look at your comment above if you’re worried about the moderators :wink:


You’ll need to help me there Alan??

Or am I not allowed dislike Mayo openly & related Gaa hypocrisy??


As regards Moran if the ref takes action at the time ie the black card I’m pretty sure that’s that…open to correction on that but I think that’s the rule


Well unless you’ve hard evidence of scurrilous behaviour by someone you named above I think you’ve gone OTT. But that’s just me.


Think it might be Alan. In my book what Brannigan and the ref did from that game under instruction from the GAA was scurrilous. Could use stronger language but won’t for fear of offending sensitivities.


You’re offending mine as it is.

How do you know what the GAA “instructed” anyone to do?

That’s a fairly serious accusation. Who specifically issued the instruction?


It was reported in the media as fact that the referee was instructed to rewrite his report. No legal action followed these reports. You know yourself what happened after that game was a witch hunt of your club mate. Why in the name of God would you come on here defending it. Seriously??