2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Galway lads. Why yous getting all upset about Galway? Be firmly put back in their place Easter weekend. While I agree with @DUB09 I would like to cast everyone’s mind back to my grandads comments in 2013. Fook them son. Fook them all. He said the same thing today after the braving the elements in salthill, the bleeding legend. Up the fooking Dubs


Dub 09 is on the ball. The ‘agenda’ seems to be in place. They’ve had enough of us. Time we were put in our box.
It hit me in September when I was home for the final. 3 in a row! Incredible achievement. Yet the written and visual media spent more time focusing on Mayo God Help Us than what this amazing team had accomplished. It seemed odd and irritating at the same time.
I still don’t think there is a team that can touch us this year. Next year? The powers that be will find ways to try and halt our gallop.


Didn’t see any of the game but reading many posts here it seems Galway just dragged us down to their level. It’s something we need to stop, Mayo do the same and we can’t seem to rise above it.

For the last number of years the media have been trying to tarnish us and if we keep playing up as the bad boys of the game the gaa and ref are going to buy into it. @DUB09 is on the money, bad officials will destroy us and don’t count of HQ to be assigning us the best of them. Media never seem to make the link in these situations, Galway and Mayo play out a free for all with a clatter of red cards and yet Dublin are the cause of all rows yesterday.

I am not abdicating that we become whiter than white but I don’t think we need to get involved in the circus. We have the ability in that team to blow teams away, only reasoning for it being a brawl yesterday was because it was the only way Galway were ever going to take it to us. Would love to see Gavin put out his strongest 15 for the final and absolute hockey them off the pitch.

Not sure I agree with withdrawing from the RTE interviews though. We should use them to set our agenda and to point out some of the wrongs that are happening. When asked the question rather than answer it talk about RTE screening more of the fighting than the football. There was more football shown in the Mayo Tyrone game and that was probably a rougher game.


He was Galway’s best player for me especially in the first half. Kicked some cracking long range points and was good at tracking and tackling our lads while winning well in the air also.


The one thing that Joyce got right in his comments was about the officiating. Had McQuillan and his team got on top of the early pulling and dragging and applied decisions consistently then the game wouldn’t have gotten out of hand. Jim Gavin if allowed should request he never referee another Dublin game, he bottles it when dealing with us.
We where no angel’s yesterday but most of what went on was started by Galway and it was obvious that it was in their game plan. There were some real positives from the game yesterday. Comerford getting some game time and doing well. Paddy Andrews showed well and Kilkenny running the show. Some negative stuff to unfortunately, Reddin was a passenger and Lowndes had a terrible game and O’Gara sees red for retaliation.


Jim Gavin should do no such thing. Can you imagine the (quite reasonable) outcry if he was to attempt to influence the appointment of referees?


Poor officiating is a constant in every game. You have to get on with it and avoid being dragged into things, keep playing your football.

All told, yesterday was a thorough workout. Some good, lots bad. Will sharpen lads, and certainly sharpen Gavin’s judgement on others. Good learning for Comerford, Basquel, Paddy Small etc.

Cold too.


All in all it s being a very good league campaign and we can t expect to hammer every team. Sometimes the opposition wants to win too( imagine that). If the team are to win Sam again it’s 8 games and with 2 league games left that’s plenty of time for our injured or missing heroes to return.


Soooooo many loikes, loike!


Eventually won his All-Ireland??? It was his first year in Senior football.


Wonder will Comerford start against Monaghan as well? Back to back games will do him the world of good. Risk/reward and all that.

Also the longer Diarmuid is out of the side the more you’d have to worry, no? Was the infamous battle of Dr Cullen park his last start for us? It’s heading towards 12 months if he doesn’t start vs the Farney or the glorious Gaels of Galway in the final.


I don’t think anyone should waste too much time thinking about what anyone is saying about us. It is probably 70% good anyway, just we are programmed to hear the bad stuff first. There was mad stuff said about the team of the 70s, I vaguely remember stuff about them only being basketball players (because of all the handpassing), but that is all forgotten now and that team is highly regarded.

I would much prefer if Gavin didn’t get into of the politics of it all interviews and just kept with the same stuff about how good the opposition is etc. Sure, he can defend his players if its needed. But that should be all. The guy is my hero etc. etc. and we would not have won half as much without him, but I still think he is a not a good interviewee. I am not sure if he means it or not, but he seems a wee bit condescending to me on the whole thing.


Jim’s interview was brief but fairly cutting all the same.


Yeah, it was. I think he can just let it go though. We are by far the best in the country, I wouldn’t be too worrried about debating the finer points of defensive football or whatever if I was him. Most people in the GAA world only hear what they want to hear anyway, so he can’t win.


Yeah but you could sense his annoyance. I hope he didn’t see League Sunday! :scream:


God aren’t some players whingy though on games being called off etc. The fixtures guys cannot know if snow is going to lie on fields etc. it is totally random and can change in the space of 100m. Sure they can calll everything off to be on the safe side and then nothing would ever be played and there would be clashes with club stufff and the same players would complain.


If you read what they said, it’s not the calling off thats the issue…it’s refixing for 24hours later with no consultation or consideration, that players may have other plans.


That Leitrim guy, Mulligan, had a well publicized tweet about the game being called off.

But as regards the games being refixed, I think they would have listened / did listen to representations being made on behalf of the players. So guys we’re getting excited on a non issue I think.


One paper has a photo of him reacting to a decision, looks exasperated.


Has any footage of the EOG incident surfaced?