2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Exactly. We had a game in Castlebar with black and red cards littered around like confetti, Keegan taken out in a red card incident and not a word about it. The cynical Dubs has now become a constant narrative. And even though @bummer and @whatever and @niceday2 will tell us that referees are not influenced by this it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t be. They are only human.

If you even think about ‘incidents’ involving Dublin players over the last couple of years - when did you ever see an opposition player get booked and not the Dub. Rarely. But many times just the Dublin player has been booked. Even if our lad is dragged down or whatever he is almost guaranteed to get a yellow too …because he must have done something … the narrative. I said it last week after Small’s black card and other decisions and not-decisions - the biggest fear I have this year is bad officiating.

And as long as Joyce and the culchie media mafia can pedal this unchallenged then our game will be under close scrutiny while everyone else do what they fuckin like. See Kerry, see Tyrone, see Mayo, see Galway, see Donegal etc etc. We are by no means whiter than white - nor should we be - but we are no different better or worse than anyone else. If everybody played the game the way it should be played and within the rules then who would be the champions? I think we all know the answer to that.


Everybody ( except us ) is fed up with us winning . For every one article praising us there’s probably ten having a pop off us . I’d like to say I’m beyond caring but you have to draw the line somewhere.


Good to see some balance on here
So much ABD bias on the national media it’s getting tiresome at this stage


They have never forgiven us for the 83 final . Did I mention where I was for that game…


The commentators on Galway bay FM, blaming Dublin on everything , but they let it slip when they referred to the problems Galway had with melees in the FBD leagues. It seems its the “wild West” is alive and well

Connacht tribune. 15th feb 2018.
Kevin Walsh’s charges certainly have the bottle for a battle; and boy was this a battle. Tense, tight and often tetchy, it wasn’t one for the football purists but incident-filled enough to keep the official attendance of 9,850 entertained at a bitterly cold but sunny Salthill.

St Valentine’s Day may have been on the horizon but 18 cards were dispensed in total, including three reds, and an all-out melee late-on in this feisty encounter proved once again that there is no love lost between the two counties.


After being 10-4 down I was happy to leave with the draw, another game unbeaten and on the road too. Gavin basically didn’t show his hand, it was Dublin light. League final will be different.
Wind was very strong and had a bearing on the game. We recycled a lot of ball and bar Kilkenny no one really wanted to take the score, possibly we could of had Costello on earlier.
Game was very scrappy with the usual pulling and dragging.
I think in general something has to be done with players holding other players when the ball is down the other end of the field. It’s becoming a blight on the game with every county doing it.
Just to add it was good to see young Even get a game today. Bar one time , I thought he was very controlled.


This was actually a perfect result and will prime us nicely for the final. Galway got under our skin a bit today. We should know better, but it was great experience for our younger lads to get a taste of that.

This is winter football and that Galway style (should I say Ulster) won’t win shít come summer. On a side note, St. Cillian gone off with a hamstring injury today. That’s Mayo cooked if he doesn’t make it back for May.


Bet everyone in the RTE studios will be shouting for a 12 week ban for Andy Moran for barging the referee?


Oh yeah and I’ll be jumping into bed with Scarlett Johansson tonight


Was this today?


Third rant of the evening … they show just two of our scores but Galway man Michael Lyster twice shows sideline incident and then questions Sherlock’s actions - this after brushing off all the cards in the Mayo game. Not mentioning that the Galway player was preventing Ciaran Kilkenny from going back on the pitch.

And some here think there is no agenda. Jim and the lads should reinstate the RTE ban - what is going on is fucking poisonous and deliberate.


Some thoughts in summary.

It was good to see some more players getting a go although it was such a bitty game I think it is hard to evaluate how some of them did. Hopefully we do the same next week.

Overall I felt Comerford did well, but one thing he can improve on is not starting his run to kick the ball until he is actually going to kick it. He got blown up in the first half for taking too long, the thing is he twice started his run and then stopped. I felt it made it very obvious to the ref that he was taking a long time. In contrast I feel the Galway keeper also took a long time, yet didn’t draw attention to it.

The thing that most disappointed me about us today were the simple mistakes we made, especially in the first half. Several times we turned over the ball by giving poor handpasses when coming out of defence, the passer wasn’t even under pressure they just made poor passes. Galway punished those mistakes and got 4/5 points from these.

We allowed ourselves to get dragged into rows too often. Instead of wrestling with an opposition player to try and get the ball back, I feel you are better just appealing to the ref. You might get the ball brought up and you certainly won’t waste anymore time than you do by getting in a fight. Also having a fight risks having the ball thrown up and the possibility of picking up a booking.

When playing a blanket defence you need to bring the intensity. Too often we were slow in our play and overly conservative with our movement and passing. It reminded me of how we played against Tyrone in last year’s league. We weren’t stretching their defence or making good runs to punch holes in their defence. It made it easy for them to always stay organised. Intensity here is the difference between how we played against Tyrone in last year’s league and how we played against Tyrone in last year’s Championship.

Also we could have done with hitting a few more long shots in the second half when we had the wind. Andrews tried one that came off the post and Kilkenny also had a go, but I feel the conditions were perfect for having a few more shots today.


Absolute joke. It was the thing that screamed out in the match. RTE conveniently chose to ignore the obvious comparison.


Galway did exactly the same against Mayo, at every opportunity they started confrontations & Mayo reacted poorly. We seem to have controlled ourselves a bit better and ultimately got some reward.
Everyone including elements in the media wants Dublin taken down a peg or two. We’ve got to manage this intense scrutiny by delivering on the pitch.
There are some counties where the crowd bays for action from the ref at every opportunity and Galway is one such place. Unfortunately the poorer refs respond and give them what they want. That’s why it’s difficult to come away with some sort of result.
It’s great to see new players being blooded and given more game time. Transition is a continuous process and we seem to be unearthing talent capable of meeting the demands of inter county football. I appreciate the talent has been developed but seeing them ready for league and hopefully champo is a real plus.
Up the Dubs


Delighted to see o conaighle get game time dropped off panel last year but came back in and must be showing well in training .


I wouldn’t be too concerned . We’ll soften their cough when it matters when we meet in Croke Park . It’s nice they have something to cheer about .As I said earlier , this had the smack of Derry off it a few years ago . They were motoring in the league & beat us . We annihilated them in the final . I think after that today , Jim will put out a strong team for the final . I wouldn’t be surprised to see keV , Diarmo , etc . We’ve seen stark contrasts in results . A fairly one sided win over Mayo when we could have buried them but left them off . Them hammered Kerry & didn’t let up at all . Today was just about getting by without a loss , secure the final birth & give a few young lads a run out . Been honest , Jim didn’t want to show his hand & rested the likes of Stephen . He could have done that in a few other games but chose not to .Like has McHugh figured much at all this year ? Don’t remember him having much game time . And he rested Fenton & brought him on . This was simply just a go through the motions & not come out with a loss , nothing more .


“Philly McMahon jumped 10 yards from the ground to the top of the melee” !!! Jaysus he’s in the wrong sport, he should be an Olympic long jumper or high jumper or both. . Sure to win a couple of golds at that rate of going.

I listened to the game on Galway Bay fm. I thought that the commentators were good. That is until Dublin went ahead. That was When the main lad just flipped and completely lost the head. Dublin players were then accused of every Ill that ever befell the GAA. He even went back to 1983 to have a go at us. I was there in 83 and it took two to tango.


If he thought today was bad , wait til we meet them again in a few weeks . Can’t wait to shut these jackasses up . Beat them off the park , that’ll shut them up quick smart !


Only about 83 times


When talking about Jayo after the incident he said that" he eventually won his All-Ireland in 1995 against Tyrone. A game Dublin were lucky to win". TOOL…