2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Correct … winner takes all.


Seldom I’d want Donegal to win anything but…


Wonder will jayo see any sanctions following this ?


Tony McEntee got 4 weeks for something similar.


Has to. No member of management should ever get involved with the opposition.


Hard to see how Jayo would be punished haven’t seen it but incident appears to be off the pitch, if anything the punishment would be against Galway #15 for assaulting an opposing team official. As i said haven’t seen it so only basing opinion on that picture.


Jayo should have stayed out of it. He will be done.


That’s a good result based on the team selected and the subs made. There was no Connolly, McMenamin, Scully, Howard, Cluxton, O Sullivan, Fenton (for half), we lost Rock. So there could easily be half the team changed for league final.

Reddin is getting a lot of game time, as is Paddy Small. O Conghaile is getting back in. Nice to see McHugh get a chance too. I wonder where Aaron Byrne is at, it would be interesting to see what he could do.


Just two points, like others I haven’t seen the game so I can’t comment on what may have happened, but as regards O Gara, I think he has a problem, but it is not dirt or cynical stuff, it is simply that he is very clumsy going into a tackle and ends up just dragging lads down, rarely have I seen him really get involved in anything stupid, but I stress I have no idea what happened today, just saying that this idea that he gets involved is silly stuff is not accurate IMO.
I don’t know if Jayo should get done or not, but really think the picture shows he is trying to seperate two players, in saying that I agree that is not his job.


Pity they both can’t go down.


No 15 from Galway was holding Kilkenny over the sideline and wouldn’t let Kilkenny back onto the pitch It was a ridiculous situation. Jayo hit the Galway player in the back to get him to let go of Kilkenny jersey. Galway player knocked jayo hat off. Then melee (one of many) broke out.


Gonna be a tasty league final . . . I think we’ll beat Galway well in Croker



QBack from game. First half we were 2 points to nil up and playing well keeping possession then within 4 minutes or so we gift them 3 points a poor Cooper pass is intercepted and a point a poor Lownes pass intercepted and a point and a slow kick out from Comerford ends in a throw in and they get free and point. This spurs them on and they tack on a few more scores. Again another poor pass ends in a score and we give away a silly free for another point. So all in all we were the cause of gifting them 5 points in first half. They were very defencive and we kept possession well but couldnt get close enough to take a shot for a point. Kilkenny took his scores well. James came through at one stage and probably should have fisted over for a point instead of laying it across the goal which was cut out. We played well enough in second half picked our points but found it hard t break them down. We pulled it back to one then they get two on the trot but we are never beaten and play till the end get a few frees and go one ahead and they level with last kick of game. A lot of messing pulling dragging a few skirmishes red card for Eoghan , can he not just play the ball instead of the man. I was impressed with them they kept their shape well and were good defensively and we found it hard to break them down. Final will be intersting and the bigger pitch will see us win by 5/6 points.


It is fucking disgraceful that Joyce gets to spout this shit unchallenged on the national airwaves - it is plain wrong. I am really tiring of this fuckin culchie narrative where nobody does anything cynical except Dublin. Kerry spent the last three games against us dragging and blocking. Galway at it all day too by all accounts but that fucker choses to ignore this.


Not based on that image, you can’t even say he is definitely touching the Galway player.

But by all accounts he did involve himself and that is foolish. If he gets off it is because of a lack of evidence not because of innocence.

In fact I saw quite a few digs being thrown during the rows, some players (from both sides) may end up quite happy that there didn’t seem to be much in the way of tv cameras there.


Wasnt at the game today, how did that Cooke felllow play for Galway, saw him in Sigerson final and was impressed


“unbiased commentary” , that’s rich , was he listening to the same match :thinking:


Farcical commentating more like.

We get ex mayo players when we play them, now ex Galway players for Galway matches on broadcast media. Total joke.


Its unfortunate that the league game between two best sides to date was dominated by the failure of the man in the middle to control the game. He lost control early in the second half and never got it back. Galway lads lying on the ball after a Dublin free or line ball was obviously pre-mediated and queue the resulting melee that burned a significant portion of the half.

Galway played quite smart, capitalised on poor Dublin errors to get ahead, took a better spread of scores with the wind compared to Dublin, burned two good goal chances and defended their centre excellently. But they were essentially allowed to drag the second half into a farce where very little ball was actually played when Dublin had the advantage of the elements that dictated the game.

Only Kilkenny really had the ability to kick a score from any sort of distance and his 5 from play was top drawer stuff. Shot selection or lack of in the second half was poor in general and Galway had a game plan not to give away frees. It was Donegal-esque stuff in their pomp but Dublin have a far greater margin to improve. Galway had to tighten up after recent big game thumpings but better days and better pitches will invariably require more expansive setups. Although their shape was impressive Dublin can and will do better but most likely with different players up front.

Overall the Dublin execution of scores was poor but the resilience to grab the game when 3 down was heartwarming. Dublin currently have an unrivalled ability to hem in a team down the stretch that makes them incredibly difficult to beat. 4-5 point margins can be reeled in over a matter of minutes. Those qualities shone today and that will do on a freezing day where only a point was required.