2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


What is?


O’Gara is such an enigma . He must be doing something right in training . If he wasn’t he’d be shunted out the door . Through the years he has had moments which were hugely beneficial to us winning big games . Not going to bring up those examples as we all probably know them . He needs to cut out the stupid stuff or one of these days he could become a liability to the team . You just don’t know what your gonna get when he’s in the team .


The condemnation of EOG here is not right. Outside of anyone at the game who might actually have seen what happened noone here knows what he was sent off for. Galway players up to all sorts off the ball so would be interested to know what the facts are before he’s condemned.

Calling him a ‘brainless idiot’ as one person didearlier is not on. He doesn’t deserve that by any stretch.


Lots of dublin pages saying the same about Galway though.


Well I didn’t see the game so that’s why I didn’t comment on TODAY . We’ll find out tonight , if they decide to show it …


I always think listening to local radio from other counties or looking at other counties forums is never going to go well. They are assuming they are only talking to their own so won’t worry about offending the other side. It’s not really to be taken seriously…


Lads thread cleaned up and posts deleted.

Please keep the personal abuse of Dublin players to yourself. We get enough abuse from others that we don’t need it from our own.


There would have been no All Ireland in 2013 without him.


Yes, I think if tnis was a must win game the selection and especially the subs would have been different. Next week will probably be more experimental before we get serious again for the final.

Only one game in Div 1 next week actually means anything (Mayo Donegal)


O’Gara is a very exciting player to throw on any field, opposition never know what to do with him. I’d like to see what actually happened today, Galway on the radio sounded like a bunch of choir boys playing a legion of doom. Wouldn’t read too much into it.




Effective more than exciting.
Though still exciting in the “bull in a china shop” way.


Tend to agree with you in regards to Gavin’s mentality on the game. Looked like a learning excercise for him. And I think we learned a hell of alot more than they did.

Connolly situation is a bit odd though. The only reasoning I can think of is that he is part of the old contingent and is being rested for the business end of the year.

O Gara, yes he has his moments but not enough for me in the last 2 or 3 years to justify him being there.


Top man Willie Joe :+1:


If the table is right Donegal have to win by 2 points to stay up. If they win by 1 they will end up equal on Points difference. What happens then?


Pure vomit.


I think any Donegal win will be enough as head to head beats score difference.


Donegal stay up regardless of score as long as they win. Hence Monaghan couldn’t catch Galway because Galway beat them and we needed the point.


Absolutely agree that a both sides are guilty of pulling and dragging ( there are no angels at inter county level).

However I do feel there was a strong correlation between the rows breaking out and it being a Dublin free or lineball


That makes sense!