2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


This reminds me abit of Derry a few years ago , think we lost to them & murdered them in the final .



Main thing is not to lose otherwise we get take the dubs out of Croker shite despite the fact they rarely lose anywhere these days. Chance to give comerford Costello et al game time again next Sunday


Doesn’t explain it for me at all. We were awarded the free on 4 mins of injury time. Dublin Joe as he has done in the past was going to keep playing till Galway got a score or we managed to get the ball.


Galway are a good side. Well drilled and have a system they believe in. Corofin players will no doubt strengthen the squad come league final. I’m looking forward to it and hope it’s a good day for football. The game will stead well for both teams coming into championship. Maybe more so Galway given the lack of challenge in Leinster. I feel Galway will turn a few heads in this year’s run to Sam but not sure they are quite at Dublins level yet.


Everything rosey in Galway . All Ireland hurling winners , club football winners , county footballers in league final . Something mayo must aspire to :laughing:


Topsy turvy game. For parts of it we didn’t deserve anything, but we were far the stronger team at the end (Even down to 14). Joe really wanted a draw at the end and was going to play as long as it took.

Galway were constantly starting rows and stopping quick restarts in the second half, always trying to kill the clock.

A lot of our play lacked intensity at times, but when we turned it up we had the beating of them. I’d be fairly confident of winning the final.


Wonder will they bring a big crowd for the final ?


O’Gara playing himself out of the panel. Can’t have any complaints either.

Resilient at the end but too ponderous all game. Bar Kilkenny with his scores nobody really played well.


I don’t think him not being in the panel is a bad thing to be fair. We have more than enough strong forwards to cover us. A point down in a tough game he is not my first thought to bring on. Then he goes and gets sent off. I would love to see him in training because his performances on match day have not been up to scratch in the last 2 years and I don’t think is the sort of manager to hang onto a lad out of sentiment


Funnily enough there was no mention of that on the radio, only about Dublin dragging men to the ground when they went ahead near the end.


On the pulling and dragging. There was a lot of it going to disrupt our play, but we were doing the same when they were breaking out. I’m sure the local radio didn’t see it that way.


Looking at team selection and subs, Jim obviously did not see it as a must win game. Glad we have made next week a dead rubber though as you don’t need to be playing a team that must win at this stage and Jim can experiment with no consequence. Good to see Jamesy back though am getting more concerned about someone else with every passing week. How many more chances will Jim give EOG? Would’ve hoped he’d mature like DB but certainly doesn’t seem to be the case …


Probably not.


Kilkenny 5 from play I think - he’s gone to a different level this year


Its comical listening to these culchie stations, completely biased. Galway forums full of ‘dirty Dubs’, ’ disgrace to football’. Anyway I expect us to give them a lesson in the wide open spaces of Croker!!




Cry babies…It’s not like any of them got a Kieran Duff toe poke :grin:


Sorry chief come again?


It’s bang out of order.