2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Level again.

Ref hands them a draw on a platter.


“there is a God in heaven.” :slight_smile:


Draw … “There is a god in heaven”… what a tosser


What a tool


Thanks for the very prompt updates, I couldn’t listen to Brian Carthy.


Thank God that match is over. Those commentators very hard to listen to


Final secured , happy with that .


Wouldn’t listen to those lads … narrow minds all. Disappointed to give lead away at end - why did 5 mins become 8?? Hope we hammer them in Croker - hammer them .


I fully expect that .


Yep. Job done without a few big names. Into the final with plenty of stuff for Gavin to smack then over the head with. Perfect.


I’ll be home next week.:grinning: Down to Croker for the Monaghan match. The fact that it means nothing is a matter of sublime indifference to me.


7 league finals in 8 years . At least we are consistent… consistently good :grin:


Very good that McHugh, Costello, Comerford etc got a run. Sounds like a very positive day.


Oh my god, thanks for this. P1ssing myself laughing the end with the commentators. Hilarious


5 mins of injury time announced. McQuillan played 9 mins. WTF!


Didn’t listen to myself . I presume full of hyperbole


Christ, I hope those 2 Galway Bay muppets make the trip to Croke Park.


the rough stuff talk died a death after the final point


Be interested to hear the views of those in attendance when their fingers thaw out


holding men to the ground, pre-rehearsed? tinfoil hats!