2018 NFL: Round 6 - Galway v Dublin, Sunday March 18th, Pearse Stadium, 2pm


Absolutely fully agree


Galway sound like they’ve collapsed in the last quarter, they must be ballixed.


Bit harsh.
Chap brought a lot to a soft forward line over the years. Needed for days of blanket defences like today


Happy enough even it ends a draw .


CC taps it over.

Up by 1.


Not harsh at all. Unfortunately for him and us it’s reality. Otherwise can you explain why he keeps doing it ?


point Cormac

Bring on the Final


Good man Cormac!


Another shamozzle ?


Sean Andy gets his 3rd black card…yet its MDMA & O’Gara who are accused of poor discipline?


Some bile from Galway radio commentator.


Joyce very salty now .


Not so happy about the mellee when Galway are down


Boy oh boy are they a bitter lot when they lose ! :grin:


“look at the state of Philly Mc mahon.” :slight_smile:




I’m cracking up listening to this! In bits laughing!


We’re “an absolute disgrace” now.

Do you want some cheese for that whine?


Joyce on Radio 1 talking bile and bullsh1t too.


Whinging bitch. We will destroy them in the Final. Put them in their box.