2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Apologies if I come across as unnecessarily critical of match officials, it’s certainly not my intention, I respect their commitment to the sport and the tough challenges it presents. Would like to see greater use of technology where available and more clarity in the decision making that’s all.


I didn’t take it up that way. Since I have started doing it I can now understand when sitting in the stand what goes on.

100% agree. When in Croke Park or Semple there is Halkeye to be used but only for points. Not all stadium have mics for the team. This would greatly improve the communication. Then we have further technology that could be added.


I always ask my neutral umpires to deal with an incident if they can and only call me in when cards are needed


I book a turkey off my butcher every Christmas.


Is there any criteria as to how umpires are chosen, think I saw one game last year and they were all part of the refs family, can anybody be an umpire or do they have to do some kind of course?


There is no set criteria for choosing your umpires. but intercounty refs are well aware that if their umpire cocks up = they cock up!!! Therefore most will choose wisely in order to try to advance their national position.

Umpires at the national level will attend seminars in Croke Park, but not on a regular basis. Provincial refs may have their umpires attending Portlaoise on a less regular basis. Refs are provided with presentations that assist umpires in their duties.

A point that must be noted (pardon the puns) is that these umpires can spend up to the full day away assisting the ref and all they are entitled to is a meal from the ref!!! No mileage, no sneaky pint with their meal, nada. Is it no wonder that it is getting harder and harder to get regular personnel to assist refs at club level, never mind intercounty, where you could end up in Donegal or Kerry for a lovely scenic day trip!!!

They are out there to do their best as they know their buddys reputation depends on their performance.


I heard recently that all Intercounty umpires are trained ?? to a certain standard


Pat ?? Surely you would be looking at someone who knew and applied the rules when they had the whistle. Did Pat fall into this category??

The “expert” works in other sports. Why shouldn’t it with the GAA. After all, money talks :wink:


Right, anybody want to post anything about the Dublin-Kerry game?


Good idea but given the propensity of our players and managements to appeal well deserved cards on technicalities etc as it is, the chances of them accepting retrospective cards are slim. But a similar system is already in place … it’s called the Sunday Game …


Quit living in the past.


Agreed, but that comment was thrown in for assisting the public rather that the ref!!

There is a fine balance to look for and to avoid the stop / start nature that you could end up with, probably best to use it for “card” that the ref missed, or ref requesting clarity on major issues.

Ref and assessor sitting together viewing the game? After the assessor doing a hatchet job on him?? Don’t think so!!!

I would imagine that refs, like anyone else in every walk of life, would embrace anything that would assist them in performing their duties.


Dublin-Kerry game, anyone? Is this the Dublin-Kerry game thread? Lots and lots of posts to be moved or deleted so I guess, based on recent actions?


2 weeks ago, was it not??? What is left to discuss?? :thinking:


Thanks for your informed and very informative responses, very much appreciated.


Last Sunday.

What more is to be said Al. A very comfortable win that has to be seen in context. That said, I doubt Kerry expected to be so far off it. But it’ll bring them on. In fact, we’ve lost O’Sullivan while they gained valuable experience, if you consider it that way.

Surprised to see how fit the players are, seeing how late back it they were. But I suppose there is no off season any more.

Lot of players in good form already, only concern is can they maintain it for as long as the season lasts.

Super 8s is a big consideration this year obviously, and an unknown. Will certainly help the likes of Mayo, but also ourselves. Think it will be a big success.


Anyone know what way it finished up? @DUB09?


I think I read on one of the threads that the final score was

KERRY 0-11


Watch game again during week. Padden very bias in his commentary. Must be a Mayo thing :wink:


It’s part of their training.