2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


The Curious Case of the Carthy in the First Half. Never heard so much contradictory talk about one player for so little time on the pitch. I wonder is it that people see a guy getting subbed and then make their minds up that he was having a bad game? Or maybe their minds were made up before the game…
Or maybe they mistook him for Eric Connolly.


That lad shows up for an ai semi final and never to be seen again


Interesting to see Andrew McGowan from Crokes get a run out against Kerry at weekend? Is he a back or forward?


Half Forward with Crokes


The voice of reason from kerry forum


He s one of our own.


Looking at John Small blackcard. it on 1.42. Looks very harsh


May the force be with you young Jedi JF.

Were once there was darkness in the capital, a light flickers in the kingdom.

I’m feeling the pure force field all the way up here.

(Unless that’s customs and excise checking for laundered diesel).


We’re feeling that pure force field as well. Though I think the Healy Rae’s have something to do with it.


Well in my case it really is customs & excise raiding my eco-friendly, border-based, vat-avoiding diesel cleaning service. Better go!!


Jayus , even with my blue tinted specs on it was surely O’Shea who pulled Small down . Easy to see now why he was pissed off :japanese_ogre:


Well it wasn’t a black card in a million years. This is the real danger to Dublin. A referee or linesman who makes a decision like that.


Hopefully blackcard is rescinded.


If you listen to the commentary, they are saying there is a tussle going on for 15 minutes and both the lads have been rolling around the ground. At what stage does a linesman feel duty bound to raise the refs attention, Puzzling.
The 45 that Kerry got and missed which was disputed by cluxton and cooper was never out. The umpire was too busy looking at ref as he called it instead of watching the ball and presumed it went out.
The most frustrating part of this is that officials who make an error which I accept is human are never shown to be held account for it. A simple public report to state on review we made a, b, c, number of errors we note it and will improve.
The advantage is with the cynical team and will encourage cynical play until serious steps are taken both to hold officials accountable and to make the most of available technologies.


What benefit will this be? To appease a handful of supporters who are out for blood??? Will never happen, nor should it.



I was thinking more from a player and team perspective, than the supporter. For a player to be dismissed mistakenly or to be intently injured, for a team to lose unfairly, or the opposition to win wrongly. Surely those who give so much should be intitled to the best process possible and refs and their Officials supported with the best technology .


Does it happen with assessor @bummer? Would they instance specific decisions?


In what way?
As in a foul that they didn’t award? (Or one they did award that wasn’t a foul)
Or giving a yellow card for a black card offence? Or a free when it should be a hop ball etc?

If it’s the 1st one then I really hope not. Anyone on the sideline will see a lot of things that the ref on the pitch won’t, and likewise the ref will see things that people on the sidelines don’t. I don’t believe refs give frees when they don’t think it is one (even though others might) and vice versa.

The other one is a different situation where a ref is showing not to know how to apply the rules correctly.
One of the football semi finals last year had a hop ball awarded when it should have been a free (think it was within scoring range, and the game finished in a draw!), there’s loads of other examples of this too!


I’m just wondering do assessors give a general assessment or whether there is any situation where an assessor might go though specific instances pointing out possible errors - just curious.

In the case of Small, the linesman clearly made that call - I would love to know why he considered it a black card offence when it clearly wasn’t. I’d like to think an assessor might be able to ask him this too.