2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


That was Lowndes that picked it up I think…


I am not saying it was wrong to take him off, I am saying I didn’t understand it. I suspect he had the most possessions of any Dublin player, he lost one ball from a pass and that was one of those into the full forward line that are high risk, he received most of the kickouts for the first 15 minutes, and he didn’t actually pick the ball off the ground, that was Lowndes. The only mistake I can see was the one with the mark. So the evidence for his removal isn’t overwhelming, at the time he was taken off both Scully and Howard had hardly touched the ball.

If he was removed for poor performance, and I am not totally convinced he was, then I suspect it was either for getting caught on the wrong side of his man for kickouts or for not blocking up the spaces in front of the full back line and leaving them exposed. But for the life of me I can’t see how it would have been for general play on the ball, he was perfectly adequate at that.


Rule 2.12 - ‘The Mark’

When a player catches the ball cleanly from a Kick-Out without it touching the ground, on or past the 45m line nearest the Kick-Out point, he shall be awarded a ‘Mark’ by the Referee.

The player awarded a ‘Mark’ shall have the options of (a) Taking a free kick or (b) Playing on immediately.

The following procedures shall apply:

(a) Free Kick

The player shall signify to the Referee if he is availing of the free kick and then take the free kick himself from the hand from the point where he was awarded the ‘Mark’.

Once the player indicates he is taking the ‘Mark’, the Referee shall allow up to five seconds for the player to take the kick. If the player delays longer than five seconds, the Referee shall cancel the ‘Mark’ and throw in the ball between a player from each side.

Once the player indicates he is taking the ‘Mark’, the opposing players must retreat 10m to allow the player space to take the kick. If an opposing player deliberately blocks or attempts to block the kick within 10m, or if an opposing player impedes the player while he is taking the kick, the Referee shall penalise the opposing team by bringing the ball forward 13m.

If the Referee determines that the player who makes the ‘Mark’ has been injured in the process and is unable to take the kick, the Referee shall direct the Player’s nearest team mate to take the kick but he may not score directly from the kick.

(b) Play on immediately

(i) In this circumstance the player may not be challenged for the ball until he carries the ball up to a maximum of four consecutive steps or holds the ball for no longer than the time needed to take four steps and/or makes one act of kicking, handpassing, bouncing or toe-tapping the ball.

(ii) If the Player is illegally challenged, a free kick shall be awarded to his team from the point at which the challenge is made, and this free kick may be taken by any player on his team.

‘The Mark’ - Applicable 1 January 2017

Central Council gave an Interpretation as follows:

  1. The referee shall award “the mark” by blowing the whistle.

  2. “On or past the 45m line” shall mean that both feet of the catcher are on or past the 45m line when he catches the ball or on landing.

  3. In order to signify that he wishes to take a free-kick, the player who catches the ball and has been awarded a “mark” by the referee should stop playing. If he does not obviously stop then it should be taken that he is “playing on”.

  4. “Challenged” as mentioned in the rule is taken as “tackle” as defined; once the player plays on he may be tackled after four steps or once he plays the ball in any way.

  5. All players must be at least 13 metres from where “the mark” is awarded.

  6. When a player who is awarded a “mark” is injured, any team mate may take the free kick, which must be taken from the hands. The player in question may not score directly from the kick. (Current rule states that only the “nearest team mate” may take the free kick).

  7. In order to be awarded a “Mark”, the ball must not have been touched in flight by another player.


I think so too.

My impression of Carthy at the time was that he was struggling. Think he was blown up for handpassing after claiming a mark, but I’m not sure if that’s the case.


Not nice to be nit picking any individual’s performance but the call on Shane was correct IMO and I was watching him closely. I don’t think he should have been put in the position he was in by management tbh. He is clearly not at the fitness level of others yet - naturally enough - and was struggling to get to the pitch of the game - and that in the early stages too.


A number of posters on here sounding very self satisfied, but woe to the Dublin supporters that underestimate the depth of hurt and hunger currently circulating in the Kingdom. We’re doomed I tell you.


Just had another sconce at the Kerry forum . Fierce amount of bellyaching which has now moved onto our fans & the uncompetiveness of the championship . I’m sure they’d no problem with Kerry where tallying up there 8 Als in the 70’s/80’s or the 5 they won in the noughties.
This new generation of Kerry fans are a dose with only one AI win in the last 9 years .


Alan Hansen famously said " you’ll win nothing with kids " but most times he would be right and it applies to all sports .A successful team needs a mixture of older experienced players and a smattering of younger ones to freshen a team up .What JG is doing is textbook introduction of a cpl of younger players in their first season of senior football.,evolution not revolution.
Contrast what EF has done to kerry either by accident or design he basically fielded an under 21 side against one of the greatest sides ever to play and HOPES they will learn from it even if they were to get hammered , which they were.


Why can I like this only once? This is so, so true.


Kerry won four All-Ireland’s in the 00’s. 2000 was the last year of the 90’s and of both the 20th Century and the 2nd Millennium.


I’m not even going there , I remember the last time this came up :laughing:


I’ll put it another way (and this should receive unanimous resser support) - Dublin have won as many All-Ireland’s in this current decade than Kerry have in this current one and the last one, combined.


I’m just going to say a Decade of the Rosary


We have won 5 AI in 7 years ,before that it took 21 years to amass the same 74,76,77,83 and 95.


Who asked you for your tuppence worth? I was doing ok until you piped up.
Anyway, I’m talking about the internet era. Broadband… dial-up crap to be disregarded.


I’ve met plenty of decent Kerry supporters, but one bemusing experience stand out. After the 2011league match which we won, I was told by one Kerry individual that it was just foreplay and to bring protection should we meet later in the championship. We’ll, we didn’t and the seed that was sown that day has grown up to be the stuff of Kerry nightmares. Olé!


I doubt they still think it’s premature Jack elation …


My mistake, thought it was Shane.(What is it with Eric and his many guises:grinning:)

I guess we’re blessed with so many talented players that we expect too much at times. Must have been difficult enough for him to come into a game cold like he did having to replace one of the top players in the country, let alone Dublin.

He did get on an amount of ball and maybe I just remember the bad calls he made over anything else which again in hindsight would be unfair as the way Kerry were setup in the first half made it very difficult to pick out a Dublin player without going backwards.


In relation to Carthy, I thought myself at the game that he was struggling at times, but when I watched the game back last night I was suprised by the amount of ball he got on, and, with the exception of maybe one stray pass how well he used the ball. Just goes to show how differently things can look on tv compared to watching a game live.
if, as has been suggested he is only back a few weeks then it could well have been a case that he was told to go out and empty the tank, because in fairness to him he was all over the pitch while he was on the field.
What I did like was the fact that Gavin threw on a relative novice in Paddy Small when he did take him off. Most people were probably expecting someone like Butsy or Philly to come on to steady the ship at the back. It’s as though Gavin was telling Fitz that he wasn’t in the least bit worried by what they were doing or what they had to offer.


I can’t see Dublin losing this year. I think they are just getting better and better. In the 70s they didn’t the young fellas coming through or they were not winning U21s like they are now. Every year we are bringing youth in . Last O’Callaghan this year Howard and Basquel. As long as Gavin does that I can’t see us losing. You have more U21s waiting for their chance. Paddy Small is another player. I have been impressed with Galway this they look like the only team that can come near them.