2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Hey wait a minute, how can we be doomed if you’re all doomed? Mayo have not been ever comfortably beaten by Dublin championship, nor Kerry except 2015 when it was still just 3 points. So I’m not sure why you’re making that comparison.


Not too long ago here there was great trepidation at the thought of our HF line winding down - Alan Brogan, Paul Flynn, Dermo etc. On Sunday we had a second year rookie at 10 and a first year rookie at 12. Niall Scully continues to grow into his role and has been hugely impressive this year - adding goal scoring to his bow. Brian H looks to the manor born and has been very good in general play and as his confidence grows the scores will definitely come. He slotted back into the HF line without any fuss either. Niall Scully can also play HB if required. Kerry had nothing in their HF line once O’Shea went off. Byrne and Lowndes were also superb with some barnstorming runs. Our transition continues to impress - kudos to the management.

@wifi Just on Shane C, someone said the chap is only back training two weeks and it looked very much like that. I am not dissing the lad - he potentially has a lot to give but just as I praised management above, this was a strange selection IMO. I was in the Hogan and Shane was below me for most of his time on the pitch and just looked out of place and lacking in confidence and fitness. Management did him no favours.


He is in his hole being brave. He has no other choice but to go with so much youth all at once. The old guard just aren’t up to it any more & they haven’t been for years. If it were up to him, he’d still be starting a bunch of 34 year olds.


Eh , we aren’t there yet . Monaghan still have a chance if we lose our last two games .


He might not have been setting the place alight, and I wasn’t there so I can only judge it on TV, but I would think he had the most possessions of any Dublin player up to that point. Even if he wasn’t doing anything brilliant with it, I don’t think he did anything too bad that warranted immediate removal and not waiting the few minutes to half time. The only thing I can think of that might have made an immediate change necessary was his man might have been getting loose for kick outs.

I wouldn’t rule out injury though, he seemed to be favouring one leg a little coming off.


Wetting ourselves ? I mentioned a correct tactical change … bizarre.


He was clutching the bottom of his shorts - top of thigh when coming off. Like I said not dissing the lad at all but he was right under me and was really struggling with the pace of the game - not surprising if he is only training for the last two weeks.


I don’t think anyone was celebrating anything. I picked up on a point being made in the media that I disagreed with. Apart from the first 15 20 mins he was virtually anonymous. Most of that down to the players around him but I was just pointing out I wouldn’t be seeing it as the massive positive that some people in the Media and Kingdom have being saying. Cooper will have far bigger fish to fry against Galway than a 19 year old Clifford.


I think Geaney will be out for a while. Was right behind the Kerry bench and he was really struggling the climb up the steps after HT and he’d a huge ice pack in his hand. Don’t know where he put the ice pack mind you but it looked to be around the knee area.


Huge Kudos they are constantly freshening up the match day panel. the only concern would be backup for clukko - needs games? But how long have we said that?


He’s their best forward by a street, huge loss if he’s out.


Is that when they had the row??

Most papers, especially the INM media group, are not in the news business any more but rather in the advertising business. Disregard their bullshit.


I thought he was having a mare from the start


Are people suggesting DC didn’t start because of Brannigan ? It’s a sad day if the appointment of a ref is deciding our selections . Really don’t see what the issue is with not playing him . It’s giving the likes of others game time which is a positive . We know what DC is all about at this stage . I’d say the A v B games are probably more competitive than what the opposition is providing . He’ll be fine when he comes back .


So did I. He looked to be attempting to play the role of a sweeper in front of Geany & Clifford and maybe Sean O’Sea. He just didn’t fit into the role at all.


Are you sure it wasn’t Eric Lowndes? :grinning:


I must look at it again, I honestly didn’t see an issue with him the first time I watched it. He received a few of Cluxton’s kickouts and distributed the ball without any issue I could see. I didn’t see him lose a ball or make a particular mistake. I just thought it very unusual for the guy that possibly had the most possessions to be removed without him having lost a lot of ball. As I said, I wasn’t sure who was marking him or what damage he did though.

Possibly if Carthy was doing my a covering role he took the heat for some of the ball that went into Geaney and Clifford. But on the ball, as I said, he was fairly mistake free and he saw a good bit of it.


Thew first ball he got picked clean off the ground for a free in. From then on he seemed to give the ball away more than he kept. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did TBH.


Carthy is no doubt a decent footballer but he looked out of his depth on Sunday, maybe he is just back training but he made a few mistakes as listed, stright pick up, got cuaght waiting on a ball, made a bit of a hash of the mark and then kicked a ball or two away so got the curley finger. I wouldnt be too harsh on the chap, but JG is ruthless.


what is his best position. Did he not play at 14 for the club in latter rounds of championship last year